AD16: Catharine Baker wins re-election over Cheryl Cook-Kallio

An expected close race turned into a nearly 12
point win over Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

In successive elections, East Bay Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker has now beaten back some of the most powerful liberal institutions in California politics–labor unions and the statewide Democratic Party.

On Tuesday night, Baker coasted to a nearly 12-point victory over her latest rival, Democrat Cheryl Cook-Kallio, in a rematch of the June primary in the 16th Assembly District.

Assembly Democrats had targeted this race as a prime opportunity to snag a seat from the GOP. Two years ago, Baker became the first Republican from the East Bay’s legislative caucus in six years. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon in February identified the seat as part of the party’s push for a supermajority.

However, Baker withstood over $2 million in spending against her by the California state Democratic Party alone. Special interests expenditures on both sides of the race also pitched in heavily, but failed to unseat Baker, who expanded on a seven-point advantage built during the primary.

Two years ago, various labor groups, including the California Teachers Association spent million against Baker, also to no avail.

16th District………………………..VOTES….PCT
*Catharine Baker (R)………………….83362   55.8%
Cheryl Cook-Kallio (D)………………..65976   44.2%
*including Contra Costa County

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3 replies

  1. So proud of our dear Cathy. Eight more years to go!

    Dirty union whores be no more!

    I am a DEMOCRAT and will always fight the dirty, filthy, toxic union sluts and their dark black $$$$$$$!


  2. Labor targeted 4 Assembly races that were controlled by Republicons because they were 2 votes shy of a veto proof Assembly. They won 3 of the 4 and now have one more vote than they need over 2/3. Go wash your mouth out and then go eat crow! Ha


  3. By MW:

    A few decades ago California tended to vote Republican in major elections, and as a result back then sometimes its governors and US Senators were Republicans.

    And eventually, and probably within our lifetimes, it will probably happen again, And when it does happen, very likely people will look back and think of the time that Catharine Baker, a Republican, beat the Democrat very decisively, and even though Cook-Kallio, the Democrat, had strong backing and endorsements from virtually all of the highest ranking Democrats, and including even President Obama himself.

    In other words, some day we might look back at Catharine Baker's victory, and in fact a very strong and decisive victory, in 2016 as one of the very first steps in a trend.


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