Fremont City Council pares lengthy list of possible council appointees down to 8

Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed
is one of eight possible candidates to fill Mayor
Lily Mei’s council term. 

Twenty-seven Fremont residents applied to fill out the remaining two years of Lily Mei’s council term, following her election to mayor in November. On Tuesday night, the number was narrowed by the Fremont City Council to eight candidates.

The group, which includes five current planning commissioners, will be interviewed for the appointment on Jan. 10.

As stipulated by the council, applicants receiving a minimum of two votes from the remaining four councilmembers advanced to next week’s interviews. They include a number of experienced city commissioners and candidates from last November’s City Council election.

Fremont planning commissioners David Bonaccorsi, Reshma Karipineni, Brannin Dorsey and Roman Reed all moved on to the next round.

Former Fremont Police Chief Craig Steckler
also made the cut Tuesday night.

Former Fremont Police Chief Craig Steckler also advanced. He ran unsuccessfully for the state Assembly in 2014 and also sits on the planning commission.

Two recent council candidates also made the cut, including Rakesh Sharma, who finished fourth in the race that placed the top two finishers on the council, along with also-ran Cullen Tiernan.

Another in the running for the council seat is Kathryn McDonald, a member of the Fremont Unified School District’s Citizens Bond Oversight Committee.

The Jan. 10 meeting is expected to be lengthy with roughly 10 questions posed to each of the eight candidates, said Fremont Deputy City Manager Karena Shackleford. The meeting will begin at 5 p.m., rather than the customary 7 p.m. start time. Each candidate will be sequestered before their individual interviews, which may run between 30-40 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Fremont City Council pares lengthy list of possible council appointees down to 8

  1. Here's a link to the detail: To correct the record, Salwan and Jones did not cast identical votes, though they were similar. Neither did Mei and Bacon, though they were also similar. Surely all the sitting councilmembers are aware of Fremont's history of recalling officials who have a “meeting before the meeting,” but we should always be watchful.


  2. I agree. Recall Fremont City Council candidate selection process. Start over. The process was not transparent. Find out how your Fremont City Council member voted for each candidate on Facebook but did not publish it at the public meeting. This clearly violates the Brown Act. How can Council members Raj Salwan and Rick Jones vote identical? Is there a meeting before the meeting? Check out facebook statements made by our Fremont City Council members Vinnie Bacon and Raj Salwan.


  3. Recall Fremont City Council candidate selection process taken on January 3 because it violates the Brown Act where votes were taken by secret ballots and no public reading nor publishing of the voting was done at last night's meeting. These actions violate public votes per California Government Code 54953(c) and treat all public document as public “without delay,” at the time of meeting per California Government Code 54957.5


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