What’s up with Assemblymember Bill Quirk’s new portrait?

The new portrait of Assemblymember Bill Quirk, left, featured on his official website only vaguely looks like the three-term lawmaker. On the right, Quirk’s old headshot.

ASSEMBLY | 20TH DISTRICT | For many state legislators, the beginning of a new session is a

good time for lawmakers to fully revamp or tweak the design of their official websites. For Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk the biggest change was not structural but a new headshot prominently featured on the site that just might give children nightmares.

Upon asking a member of Quirk’s district office about the photo, the response was quick. “Isn’t it awful?”

The photo of Quirk appears not only extremely photoshopped, but Quirk’s skin appears unnaturally mottled. The headshot also appears stretched vertically, giving Quirk the look of someone who has just undergone a facelift, or more frightening, that sometime since Election Day, the assemblymember morphed into some type of mutant vampire.

Quirk’s district office says they already notified the legislative department in charge of designing individual lawmaker’s websites about the photo. However, the department response was somewhat oblivious to the mistake, said Quirk’s office. They found nothing peculiar about the new photo.

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3 replies

  1. He looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.


  2. He stopped drinking and now he looks younger.


  3. It appears he is on a “kale only” diet.
    Wait 2 more years and he'll be featured along with Keith Richards on a “separated at birth” website.


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