Alameda County approves $750,000 in matching funds for immigrant legal services

Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan

As a child growing up in Boston, Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan saw through her mother, a translator in immigration court, just how frightening the process can be.

“I could see how much help and solace that gave people,” Chan said during a Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday that included approval for $750,000 in one-time funds to help county immigrants with legal services. The grant was matched by the San Francisco Foundation.
Two weeks after the election of President Donald Trump, Chan began thinking about growing fears in immigrant communities and how the county could help. “My greatest fear was that a child would come home and find their parents detained or deported and have nowhere to go and just be left there,” she said.

“Everybody in this room knows we are a nation of immigrants, a state of immigrants and a county of immigrants,” Chan said. “Without the participation of immigrants in this country many of things that we appreciate and value would not have happened.”

Thirty percent of Alameda County residents were born in another country and more than half the children in Alameda County live in households with parents of mixed immigration.

Xenophobic language fostered by Trump and his supporters is on the rise, said Chan. “It’s a very dangerous time for immigrants. I think we know anybody could arbitrarily be targeted. I believe the county has a moral and practical obligation to protect our immigrant populations.”

Many immigrants may not understand that, despite their legal status, they nonetheless have certain rights, said Chan. The county funding will go toward helping immigrants with legal representation, translation and other services.

3 thoughts on “Alameda County approves $750,000 in matching funds for immigrant legal services

  1. By MW:

    Let's discuss the positions of the higher ranking members of the Democratic Party in regard to the poor, the disenfranchised, refugees, and especially undocumented aliens.

    While the DP pretends to support them and represent them, however actually it plays them for fools and uses them as cannon fodder.

    And if the big boys in the DP really wanted to help refugees, and also at the same time help poor people and disenfranchised people in general, it would stop allowing the California State Bar, in other words the organization that pretends to regulate and monitor California's lawyers, to have a secret system of two sets of books, a system that is used to protect some of the very sleaziest lawyers, and including since of the various branches of the legal profession, a high percentage of the lawyers engaged in the practice of immigration law are among the very sleaziest of the many scam artists infesting the legal profession.

    A high percentage of lawyers will pull anything they think they can get away with, and refugees, and including undocumented aliens, many lawyers see as easy to fleece victims, since refugees tend to be extremely scared, not fluent in English, and often unsophisticated.

    Also if the big boys in the DP really wanted to help refugees, they would also do something about employers that specialize in: one, gypping undocumented aliens out of their paychecks; and two, using undocumented aliens as unwitting and unprotected dupes to do such things as asbestos removal.

    However many of the employers who engage in such practices: one, pretend to be liberals, town fathers, and pillars of the community; and two, are also major sources of election campaign contributions.

    So therefore, and no matter how much the big boys in the DP pretend to be interested in helping refugees, actually their main and real loyalty will remain to their major sources of election campaign contributions.

    (NOTE: In regard to the power and position of the CSB, in other words the organization that pretends to regulate California's lawyers, the way the state legislature set it up is that the CSB is a division of the California Supreme Court, and neither the California state legislature, and which for decades has been overwhelmingly Democrat and “liberal,” and nor the CSC objects to fact that the CSB has evolved into a totally corrupt mafia that sells pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses.)


  2. Wilma the whore Chan, who milked the system in Sac town then came back to the county to shit on us some more. Bitch is all in for the illegals and doesn't give a shit about the honest taxpayer CITIZENS!


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