Swalwell berates Democratic Central Committee member for questioning his liberalism

Rep. Eric Swalwell, right, posing with law
enforcement while wearing a DEA cap.

Don’t call East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell a Republican or you will pay for it.

After Swalwell tweeted a comment referring to his Republicans parents, Guillermo Elenes, an elected member of the Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee, responded, “You are basically a Republican. Stop lying.”

“Hahahaha. No seriously. I’m laughing,” said Swalwell, a three-term member of Congress.

Swalwell then took the conversation private and began berating Elenes, one of the most progressive members of the 18th Assembly District Central Committee.

In a direct message, Swalwell told Elenes, “Seriously, you are a dimwit,” and “100% rating by every liberal organization.” For good measure, Swalwell added another, “Seriously. A dim wit.”

Elenes told the East Bay Citizen he was surprised by the tenor of the response from a sitting member of Congress and with very little prodding.

Questioning the depth of Swalwell’s progressive ideology has long been a sore subject. His congressional office once complained about an East Bay Express article that suggested he was a moderate Democrat.

Swalwell, though, is clearly a lefty, in the national sense, but in the ultra-progressive East Bay, suggestion by activists like Elenes over whether Swalwell is “progressive enough” still persist.

5 thoughts on “Swalwell berates Democratic Central Committee member for questioning his liberalism

  1. By MW:

    It should be illegal to question the sincerity of, or even to make any remarks about that could possibly be construed as disparaging, any Bay area person who is a liberal or even presents and/or markets himself as a liberal, since such creatures are the finest, most intelligent, most ethical, most sincere, and most superior creatures of all time, and certainly none of them are phonies who only pretend to believe in the principles they constantly talk about.

    For more details on their intelligence, ethics, sincerity, and overall extreme overall superiority, just ask them.

    In fact, I am going to write letters to Donald Trump and all members of Congress asking that they get into high gear instituting a new and improved version of free speech and the First Amendment, and which would make it illegal to insult liberals, and which would also triple the penalty if the liberal who was insulted and/or disparaged was not only a “liberal” but also a Bay area style “liberal.”


  2. “Progressive Punch dot org” overall score for Swalwell is a ” D.” That's bad in a “Strong Dem” district like CA-15. However, he does vote with the Democrats 100.00% of the time for “crucial votes.” That's leaps and bounds better than Feinstein.


  3. By MW:

    If Swalwell is both a Democrat and a Republican, then he is the perfect person to replace Feinstein, since she combines the worst characteristics of both the Democrats and the Republicans.


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