The Bernie Sanders of the East Bay is exploring run for Lt. Gov.

Richmond Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin
formed an exploratory committee for state

lieutenant governor.

As a Richmond mayor and councilmember Gayle McLaughlin railed against Chevron, one of the most powerful corporations in the world, for its environmental indecency, sought to protect residents from the cold grip of home foreclosures by Big Banks through eminent domain and backed working people and immigrants at every turn by raising the city’s minimum wage and becoming a sanctuary city.
Now McLaughlin, currently serving on the Richmond City Council, is eyeing a possible run next year for state lieutenant governor. On Monday, she filed to form an exploratory campaign committee. The move allows her to begin fundraising.
McLaughlin’s aspirations for higher office follows two other elected officials from Richmond in just the past month. Former Richmond Councilmember and current Assemblymember Tony Thurmond announced his candidacy for state superintendent of public instruction last month and McLaughlin’s council mate, Jovanka Beckles, announced last week she is running to replace Thurmond in Sacramento.
But for McLaughlin, her rise in Richmond began in 2004 when she was elected to the City Council as a member of the Green Party. Two years later, she gained some national renown when she was elected mayor for two terms, making her one of the Green Party’s most successful electoral victories nationwide. McLaughlin’s popularity in Richmond continued after she was termed out after eight years in 2014 with a quick return to the City Council that year.

4 thoughts on “The Bernie Sanders of the East Bay is exploring run for Lt. Gov.

  1. The haters don't have principled reasons for opposing Gayle. They're upset about rent control and keep referring to the old prohibition on space weapons resolution as some lighting rod. It's sad and out of touch from the reality of how much good work she's done for Richmond. She has the integrity that most politicians fundamentally lack and will make a great Lt. Gov.


  2. Gayle and Jovanka are totally funded by the SEIU. Oh but no, they don't take corporate donations, huh?
    Gayle was great many years ago but presently she is a nightmare. Richmond is delighted to be rid of her.


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