Oakland City Council may hear resolution in June seeking possible impeachment of Trump

Three Oakland elected officials introduced a resolution Thursday calling for Congress to investigate all impeachable offense alleged of President Donald Trump.

The symbolic resolution, authored by Oakalnd Councilmember Dan Kalb, Abel Guillen, was presented to the Oakland City Council Rules Committee on Thursday morning. Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker asked to be included as a co-author.

The item is scheduled to return to the Rules Committee on June 15 and possibly be discussed by the full council at the June 20 meeting.

Richmond appoved a similar resolution in February. Berkeley and Alameda followed in March,

Each East Bay city, though, did so with nowhere near the level of new information and revelations that have surfaced in the last week related to Trump, including his campaign’s potential coordination with Russia, and the fallout following the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey.

6 thoughts on “Oakland City Council may hear resolution in June seeking possible impeachment of Trump

  1. By MW:

    Let's mention just a few items in Oakland's history of the last few decades. In the early 1990's Oakland had the largest and most destructive urban fire of its type in history of any US city, in other words a wild fire in which 25 people were killed and over two thousand homes were destroyed, and largely due to the fact that some extreme mental retards in Oakland city govt could not comprehend such simple concepts as defensible space, limiting flammable brush, and Not having A lot of vegetation composed of eucalyptus trees, and which have earned such nicknames as “oil filled matchsticks” and “widow makers.”

    Then Oakland also had the circus of Deborah Edgerly and her co-conspirators. And Oakland elected one of the most extreme circus clowns in the entire United States, in other words Jean Quan, as its mayor.

    Oakland, a city run by phonies and bloodsucking leeches who pretend to be liberals, also has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the entire US. However if Oakland was populated only by extreme conservatives, in other words people with political philosophies fairly similar to that of Donald Trunp, it most likely would average less than ten murders a year, and rather than approx one hundred.

    And to mention just a few more items, Oakland has also had the Celeste Guap scandal, the Ghost Ship warehouse fire, and in which 36 people died, and even in only the last few days the building collapse in which approx 13 construction workers were injured.

    So if the big boys in Oakland city want to improve people's lives by having anyone impeached and removed from office, they should arrange to have themselves impeached AND THEN ALSO RODE OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL.


  2. As much as I agree, I'd rather the City Council spend its time dealing with the very important issues that the City faces like homelessness, illegal dumping, the dire need for affordable housing, potholes, etc. etc. etc.


  3. They had better hurry up. Not sure he's going to last until June. In fact, maybe they should leave the impeaching to Congress since the City Council doesn't have an app for that. Maybe they should have left Standing Rock and impeachment, etc., to others and been minding important but less sexy things like the fire code or the building code


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