Former New York City Mayor Michael
Bloomberg isn’t likely to be a friend
of Tony Thurmond next year.


When it came to funding ballot initiatives for taxing sugary drinks in Oakland and San Francisco last fall, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was an ally of Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, who supported the initiatives
But, Bloomberg, known for backing a panoply of philanthropic causes, is also an ardent supporter of charter schools, a position Thurmond, who is running next year to become the state superintendent of public instruction, strongly opposes. 
It’s no surprise Bloomberg contributed $14,600 on Tuesday to the campaign of Marshall Tuck, Thurmond’s likely main opponent and supporter of charter schools.
Bloomberg’s contribution reaches the maximum amount an individual can give a candidate during a calendar year, according to state law. But, there’s always next year, in addition, to other political organizations that Bloomberg controls.
Assemblymember Tony Thurmond announced

his candidacy for state superintendent in April.

As mayor of New York City, Bloomberg consistently supported charter schools and school-choice. 

Tuck lost a close race for state superintendent in 2014 against the incumbent Tom Torlakson. Similar to that campaign, which featured an extremely expensive primary and general election campaign, teachers unions and charter school interests are again expected to funnel vast amounts of contributions to their preferred candidate.
While Tuck is assuredly the candidate of charter schools, Thurmond’s two campaigns for the Assembly have been highlighted by extensive financial backing from labor unions of all types, including those in education.