Nancy Skinner wants crimes committed by white supremacists groups to be treated as terrorism

Protesters in Berkeley last April.

Before the events last week in Charlottesville brought national focus to skirmishes between white supremacists groups and counter-protesters, East Bay State Sen. Nancy Skinner‘s district, which prominently includes Berkeley, was the epicenter of bloody clashes and debate over free speech.

On the day the State Legislature returned to session Monday, Skinner introduced legislation that would change California’s anti-hate laws to include that crimes committed by white supremacists be prosecuted as terrorism.

“Racist terrorism as expressed by these white nationalist groups is not welcome in California,” said Skinner. “Taking these actions, California will ensure that racist and hateful groups can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

State Sen. Nancy Skinner

Skinner also offered two resolutions that urge federal, state and local law enforcement to prosecute white supremacists who commit violent crimes, in addition, to destructive acts such as property damage, by using existing terrorism and anti-hate statutes.

“The horrific events in Charlottesville and elsewhere prove that violent white nationalism and neo-Nazism remain very real threats,” Skinner added, “These groups’ intent is to terrorize our communities, so it makes sense to prosecute them as terrorists.”

Earlier this year, white supremacists groups, also termed “white nationalists” and the “alt-right,” battled with anti-fascists groups in Berkeley which resulted in numerous injuries and destruction in downtown Berkeley.

The bill, SB 630, would close a loophole in existing anti-hate laws to protect individuals who are acting in support or defense of a protective class. In the case of Heather Heyer, a Caucasian woman was killed last week in Charlottesville while protesting a white supremacists rally, the individual who committed the act benefits from a “legal technicality” that avoid being charged with terrorism, said Skinner.

Heather Heyer’s killer could not be charged with a hate crime because Heather herself does not fall within the law’s definition of a protected class,” said Skinner. “SB 630 addresses this ambiguity to ensure that those who commit a hate act, regardless of the status of the victim, can be prosecuted fully and appropriately.”

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  1. How about posting the Bill so we can read it?


  2. By MW:

    It's truly funny that Nancy Skinner, and who is a member of the California state legislature, in other words a high ranking member of California state government, is supposedly strongly against conduct she is defining as hate crimes and terrorism.

    For instance, it is common for members of the California state legislature to sexually harass, and sometimes even terrorize, their secretaries, aides, and other lower ranking employees, and whenever someone decides to make a complaint in regard to it, the “saints” in our state legislature, and who pretend to be “liberals,” almost always: one, declare all out war on the victim; two, also demand a sealed settlement; and three, often attempt still further secrecy by paying the victim out of a cloak and dagger slush fund that is basically kept secret in an attempt to keep the general public from learning that its tax dollars are used to protect the reputation of some bad little boys in high places.

    In fact to learn still more about the “standards” of the big boys in our state government and the types of lawyers they hire, go to the SF Chronicle's website, and which is, and type in the search terms Gary Scholick and Mosqueda, and then read the article titled EX-PRISON GUARD's AWARD IN SEX HARASS CASE UPHELD.

    (However when doing the word search on the Chronicle's website, just type in Scholick and Mosqueda, and without any quotation marks around Scholick or Mosqueda, since using quotation marks when doing a word search on the Chronicle's website if improperly done can ruin your search.)

    Ask Scholick whether he was still with Littler Mendelson when he got involved in that case.

    I became aware of the existence of Gary Scholick since he was one of the lawyers assigned to ask me questions as a result of the fact that I had complained about various items related to that the management of a building whose primary owner was M.L. “Larry – Switzerland & Arlington” Lawrence, in fact a building that was the subject of an almost full page newspaper article titled ASBESTOS BY THE BAY, had engaged in all sorts of “interesting” activities.

    So some lawyers then decided to “teach me a lesson” by declaring all out war on me.

    However among the lessons I learned as a result of those lawyers declaring all out war on me were: one, lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession; two, the California State Bar has a a secret system of two sets of books, and which includes selling pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses; and three, if a large office building has major problems, and especially asbestos problems, it will frequently go up in flames at about 3AM in the morning, and especially if the fire was set by a “torch” working for organized crime.


  3. What about crimes committed by black supremacists… like the Black Panthers? Or crimes committed by Islamic supremacists? Nancy Skiner is just a virtue signalling race whore.


  4. Enough with the identity politics. If the action amounts to a crime, it should be a crime whoever commits it… for whatever reason.


  5. By MW:

    If we go along with Nancy Skinner's nonsense, then virtually anybody we do not like, and therefore want to severely punish and also take away the Constitutional rights of, we can just declare to be a white supremacist and/or a racist, etc.

    In fact if such a law had been instituted, and nationally, a long time ago, just think how extremely effectively that would have worked a few years ago at Duke University when a bunch of “liberals” and big windbags “knew” that the members of the lacrosse team, and most of whom were white, were “guilty,” since supposedly they had raped a black woman.

    And the real reason for the latest Nancy Skinner style idiocy that the highest ranking “liberals” are now in high gear in is not actually out of any real desire to protect the general public, but instead so that the big boys in the Democratic Party can pretend that supposedly they are on the side of fairness and justice.

    In other words the DP has been getting beaten badly in recent elections, so now it is wildly and desperately flailing around trying to find an issue that will cause most of the voters that have deserted it to come back. So of course it has to create bogeymen to insult and constantly scream racism in regard to virtually anything and everything.


  6. This is slightly off-topic, but I fear that with Trump seemingly teetering, his best chance of survival is to be attacked by a bunch of California Democrats. They (we) are not the most popular bunch in the rest of the country, even if we are righteous and all that. This is politics, after all.


  7. By MW:

    Related to the “quality” of Nancy Skinner's “thinking,” in some countries whichever political party is in power at that particular moment outlaws certain other political parties that it “knows” are “dangerous” and are in favor of programs supposedly “without any redeeming value.”

    And in fact the California state legislature, and of which Nancy Skinner has been a member for quite a number of years, and which has also been dominated by liberals and members of the DP for quite a number of years, has also attempted similar gimmicks, and such as for instance enacting laws not allowing smaller political parties to continue to place candidates on the ballot if they had failed in a few elections in a row to get a sizeable vote, and even though it is obvious that with more time they might get a sizeable vote in future elections.

    And let's ask Nancy “The Thinker” Skinner whether she consistently, and just like the rest of the robots, rubberstamps, and puppets on a string in the state legislature, has participated in the straight party line votes based on being a mindless stooge for the political party's leadership.

    Okay, so let's make it illegal to be a member of the Nazi Party and/or a white supremacist, but let's at the same time make it illegal to be a phony, hypocrite, demagogue, charlatan, member of the Democratic Party, or a brainless stooge and rubberstamp in the state legislature for the top leadership.


  8. Here is one of Nancy Skinner's best friends and political allies, Tom Bates, former mayor of Berkeley. This is from Wikipedia Tom Bates page, so it must be “fake news”.

    “Bates personally stole approximately 1,000 copies of The Daily Californian on the day before the 2002 Berkeley mayoral election after the student-run campus newspaper endorsed his opponent, then-Mayor Shirley Dean. Bates won the election the next day, but continued to deny any involvement even after being caught by a Daily Californian editor, leading to the filing of a police report. Eventually, Bates pleaded guilty to the theft and he was charged with an infraction and was fined $250 (as opposed to the misdemeanor of petty theft recommended by UCPD.)[5] Following his election, Bates led the city council in passing an ordinance that outlawed the stealing of free newspapers and gave a series of talks discussing his mistakes and what he learned from them.[6] Four years later, the California legislature passed a similar law that would apply statewide.[6]”


  9. By MW:

    To learn more about the “standards” and the “quality” of the “thinking” engaged in by the phonies who pretend to be “liberals,” do an Internet search on some recent comments made by Bart Knijnenburg, and who is a professor at Clemson University.

    In fact, we should pay any expenses necessary to facilitate him moving to the Bay area, and then make him a professor at a local law school, and where he could teach a course on an “improved” form of “free speech,” or at least “free speech” according to Bay area “standards.”


  10. By MW:

    Ask Nancy Skinner which group today in Berkeley carried on like a bunch of uncivilized wild animals, the conservatives??? – or the phonies that pretend to be “liberals”???

    But we have repeatedly seen before the “standards” and wild animalistic carrying on of the phonies who pretend to be “liberals.”

    We saw them in action at Duke University, as for months those non-thinking zombies harassed the members of the lacrosse team.

    We have seen them in action at rallies at which they protested pollution, and then they have consistently left so much trash around that that the janitors hate to have to clean up after a rally by “liberals” protesting pollution.

    And I could give plenty more examples of the “standards” of “liberals, however I won't so as to avoid embarrassing Nancy Skinner.


  11. The answer is free boxing gym memberships for all



  1. San Leandro wants to label KKK as a domestic terrorist group – East Bay Citizen

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