Lee to Trump: ‘End the war of words’ with North Korea

War on the Korea peninsula would “catastrophic” and further threatened by talk of nuclear war, Rep. Barbara Lee said during a speech on the House floor Tuesday. “Diplomacy is the only answer. However, President Trump‘s actions has destabilized this overall process and stopped it before it could ever begin.”

Lee took a moment to urge Congress to vote on a “No First Strike” (H.R. 669) bill she co-sponsored with California Rep. Ted Lieu.

“Provoking Kim will not make us any safer, it will only raise the temperature on an already volatile situation,” said Lee.

There is no military solution to the conflict with North Korea, she added. “This administration must end the name-calling and the saber-rattling. President Trump must de-escalate his rhetoric before it is too late. Direct talks remain our best chance of ending this conflict peacefully.”

Lee has previously advocated for the bill, which was first introduced in January. Following Trump’s speech last week to United Nations, in which he again challenged the North Korean dictator, Lee called it an “abdication of values.”