Khanna wants a hearing on non-consensual condom removal

Rep. Ro Khanna

Two congressmembers, including Rep. Ro Khanna believe the act of men surreptitiously removing a condom during consensual sex is tantamount to rape.

The act known as “stealthing” requires a hearing during the House Judiciary Committee, argue Khanna and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

“Consent is not up for discussion, it is a requirement for the entirety of any sexual interaction. Stealthing violates an agreement between partners and is a dangerous form of sexual assault,” said Khanna.

“The implications of the practice of nonconsensual condom removal are far-reaching with respect to the ongoing national conversation on the definition of consensual sex.”

In a letter to the chair and ranking Democratic on the Judiciary Committee requesting a hearing, Khanna and Maloney wrote, “Nonconsenual condom removal done without the other partner’s knowledge is an emerging section of policy and legislation on sexual assault and rape. A hearing would allow Members of Congress the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise on an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant.”

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  1. I doubt many members of Congress need to “gain” (as opposed to already have) any expertise on this, related subjects, or on “stealthing” unrelated to the subject of this article.


  2. Isn't Khanna the guy who as a law student at the University of Chicago made a list of all the most desirable Indian women in his class and ranked them?


  3. Much info needed for Ro on account he was a virgin up until 2015.


  4. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 4:15PM.

    While previous to reading that post a few minutes ago, I had not heard any comments concerning any of Khanna's activities or alleged activities while in law school, however law school students are notorious for the various scams and sleazy games they engage in while there, and including since the environment of law school is designed to turn the students into scumbags, professional pathological liars, and bloodsucking leeches determined to fool, take advantage of, and parasitically prey on people, and especially people they consider to be inferior to themselves.

    In fact in many law schools the students set up various games, and including with points awarded, in which the objective is to se which student can be the most successful in fooling, scamming, and manipulating outsiders, and including the women they date, and in some cases merely women they pretend to be interested in having a serious relationship with.

    Of course that training they get in law school in how to be smooth and sleazy scumbags with a lot of surface charm they can later use to fool juries, and if they later go into politics to fool the voters.


  5. This shows a profound misunderstanding of how our government and legal system works. If this is a real issue (and it maybe, as willful intent is involved to violate the partners body) it is clearly a STATE issue. The federal government should not be involved at all. We don't want the federal government involved in our sexual activity. Those who do, show their liberal, Nanny State agenda.


  6. Ron Cohen: please go away


  7. By MW:

    Just as for a few decades now it has been a matter of law that cars be equipped with seat belts, there should be a federal law requiring all condoms to be equipped with motion sensors, and also bells, whistles, and alarms, so that way if any condom is disturbed or moved, anyone and everyone, and including the neighbors, alarm company, and the local police station, will be immediately informed.


  8. In the spirit of coming to grips with the shocking realization that the swamp isn't really getting drained, and that the Trump Admin, if anything, has only been greasing the revolving door, perhaps the honorable members of the Judiciary Committee can call upon as an expert witnesses or consultants on the issue of “stealthing” some of their former colleagues such as Anthony Weiner, Denny Hastert…..


  9. Dear Ro,
    Is your proposal only applicable on military bases, national parks or situations in which the stealthing (removal) of the condom somehow bears a substantial nexus to interstate commerce. Maybe you should bring this one up with the state Leg.

    Are you opening the door to other misrepresentations concerning individual birth control measures also becoming the subject of federal criminal statutes?


  10. In reply to the comment above by the unidentified “Anonymous,” your request that I “just go away” is received, and rejected. It doesn't even make sense in the “comment” section of a clearly political site. I apologize if you are “triggered,” but political debate is kind of part of the idea, with an election coming up next year. Hope you feel better, soon.


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