After lagging for five months on becoming sanctuary city, Hayward gets award for its work

Hayward Anti-Discrimination Task Force
meeting last spring.

At a Hayward City Council meeting last June, city officials basked in the glow of a standing ovation from those who have long advocated for declaring the Latino-heavy city a sanctuary for immigrants.

The city announced Wednesday that it received an award from the Local Government Hispanic Network for its efforts in adapting to changing federal immigration policy and immigration law enforcement. Hayward received the 2017 Civic Engagement Award this week at a conference in San Antonio.

Hayward Assistant City Manager Maria Hurtado is a member of the Local Government Hispanic Network’s board.

But in the East Bay, praise for Hayward’s reaction to threat posed by President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and polices toward immigration were somewhat undeserved since nearly every city in Alameda County had passed similar resolutions months prior and during times of great anxiety in various immigrant communities.

Instead, Hayward city officials chose to kick the sanctuary city debate in February to a 22-person task force, also charged with updating its decades-old anti-discrimination policy.

The alternative track, as opposed to neighboring cities such as Alameda, San Leandro, Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont, which supported either sanctuary city declarations or so-called “compassionate cities,” Hayward came under fire from grassroots Latino groups and numerous elected officials for its perceived intransigence.

The task force subsequently recommended sanctuary city status and the council approved the resolution on June 6. But not before some members of the task force claimed weighing-in on the immigration debate was not part of the original task force’s agenda.

Meanwhile, the revision to Hayward’s Anti-Discrimination Plan is scheduled to be presented to the City Council for final approval in late November.

5 thoughts on “After lagging for five months on becoming sanctuary city, Hayward gets award for its work

  1. SO ashamed of Hayward. Ultra-liberal whore values.

    This is so disgusting: “Come all ye 75 million illegals. We don't care about the rule of law!”

    It's so simple: We must ALL support to deport. Mass deportations of the illegals is right, just, fair and the LAW. It's the American way!


  2. “Phliberals” is a good one. It took a couple of paragraphs to understand that you were not criticizing the ideals or beliefs, such as integration, but rather the phenomena of those seeking power or approval to latch onto popular, right and moral (depending on one's point of view) ideas without being willing to bind themselves to those ideas. Philiberals are not the only ones guilty of this. I have no statistics to back this up, but it seems that the harder a politician thumps the Bible and touts “family values” in public, the greater the chance that such politician is thumping something totally different in private. In other words, the Phliberal is not a unique being, but rather an example of something more pervasive in human nature.


  3. By MW:

    Pretending to be in favor of illegal immigration and sanctuary ordinances is the latest major trend among the phonies who pretend to be liberals. In fact, we should refer to such so called and phony “liberals” as PHLIBERALS.

    For instance back in the old days when far and away the biggest social issue among PHLIBERALS was campaigning for racial immigration, most PHLIBERALS were in favor, and in fact extremely strongly in favor, of having racial immigration in every single neighborhood except the neighborhood they themselves lived in.

    (Or to put it more simply, and as I began realizing all the way back in the mid 1970's, a liberal is someone who is in favor of integrating someone else's neighborhood.)

    And then back in the 1980's or 1990's I read an interesting article. A black man when describing his experiences in neighborhoods full of “liberals,” said he could always get a financial contribution for the cause but not an apartment.

    And a few years after that, a clergyman in a major city said that when blacks started to move into the neighborhoods he was familiar with, a lot of the whites (I assume the whites who were the very most talented at pretending to be “liberals”) would quickly move to an all white neighborhood, and then, and believe it or not, refer to the whites who remained in the neighborhood that was now racially integrated as racists.

    In other words, most “liberals” are actually nothing but big windbags, and pretending to be in favor of sanctuary ordinances is the latest major issue among the phonies who pretend to be “liberals.”


  4. The community members involved in the Task Force deserve the award, not City Staff and elected officials. Although they were all hand picked by council, many exterted their own independance and took their role seriously. The Taco Tweet seemed to be the final push. I wonder why that didn't factor in San Antonio's decision to award Hayward


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