By the looks of it, Alameda Mayor Trish
might be running for re-election against
the entire City Council.

➤I think after what the East Bay Times and columnist Daniel Borenstein pulled with the Alameda City Council and city manager interference story, you should assume every story in that paper is Fake News or contains strains of lies and inaccuracies. Borenstein wrote a flimsy column alleging serious wrongdoing by one Alameda councilmember without offering any evidence, and then penned an unsigned editorial the next day calling for that person and another councilmember to be removed from office. The whole thing was so amateur. To me, these two pieces amount to Borenstein hinting he’s about to retire. He’s better than this.

➤I think Alameda Councilmember Malia Vella needs to run for mayor. No other true progressive is expected to challenge Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer, whose first three years in office has been rocky, to say the least. I think Alameda Councilmember Frank Matarrese is looking good, too. He’s preternaturally calm on the dais, reasonable and gives people a sense that he’s in control. Although I seriously wonder how he won’t split votes with Spencer, meaning both would lose.

➤I don’t think, I know for a fact, that the spread of the cannabis industry and the permitting and zoning processes being approved in more East Bay cities will result in so much corruption involving unscrupulous cannabis vendors and politicians. Whenever municipalities strapped for revenue realize they can make their city a quick and easy buck, they will, and cities down the line, like Hayward, that won’t attract Cadillac dispensaries like Harborside, are going to get some shady businesspeople looking for permits.
➤I think there’s hints that San Leandro Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter‘s re-election could face some trouble next year. But she has been solid during her first term and has successfully cooled what used to be a fractious council. On the whole, as of now, there isn’t any reason why she should be voted out of office. Furthermore, there isn’t anyone who could beat Cutter or has the rhetoric to put her on the defensive during a campaign, except former Mayor Stephen Cassidy. I can’t tell you how many people ask me if he’s running, at least, for something. It’s mostly due to the noticeable uptick in public appearances he’s been making lately. Cassidy is savvy. In fact, if he didn’t come on the scene as a such a hawk on public employee pensions, he would be in line for higher offices.

➤I think this is an easy one folks, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley won’t need a runoff to beat Pamela Price in June and nobody will run against Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, except maybe someone with a resume that rivals Barney Fife. When it comes to these two offices, democracy does not exist.

Five more things I think on Thursday including who’s going to be the next assemblymember in the 15th District….


  1. The unions are upset with Cutter(though don't know if union support helps anymore)
    Its sad that the reason you assume she should be re elected is that she hasn't upset anyone because she also hasn't accomplished anything


  2. it is absurd to suggest the city manager lied. anyone who believes that, I have a bridge in brooklyn that I'd like to sell you


  3. By MW:

    In regard to the third item in this article, specifically the spread of the cannabis industry.

    I live in an unincorporated section of Alameda County, and Nate Miley never stops in his efforts to “educate” us to the “benefits” of having medical marijuana clinics in our area.

    For instance, and no matter how many shootings, and sometimes also murders, occur in and adjacent to medical marijuana clinics, Miley still “knows” that the presence of medical marijuana clinics does not lead to increased crime.

    (Perhaps Miley also “knows” that the willingness of drug dealers, and even if they call themselves medical marijuana providers, to give politicians election campaign contributions and under the table bribes does not cause any Alameda County politicians to become sleazeballs and scumbags willing to sell the general public, AND PUBLIC SAFETY, downriver.)

    Some months ago I was present at a public meeting when a lawyer from the County Counsel's office gave a presentation, basically the standard lawyers' lies and garbage, “educating” us how the presence of the proposed medical marijuana clinics would supposedly: one, be well regulated; and two, not cause problems.

    And also one of the major points she emphasized was that no longer would the permits granting the right to operate a medical marijuana clinic be assigned by lottery, but that instead in the future,and if let's say for instance ten people applied for the right to operate a medical marijuana clinic, but only three permits were available, the three winners would be selected on the basis of the “best qualified,” and rather than on the basis of a lottery.

    However knowing how government, and especially Alameda County, operates, almost certainly the applicants that were determined to be the “best qualified” would be the ones who had provided the most in election campaign contributions and/or under the table bribes to the politicians.


  4. Borenstein retiring? Probably not. They have no retirement program, probably why he has such a thing for public employee pensions.


  5. I find it odd everyone seems to be dismissing Chief Rolleri's comments in favor of Union rhetoric. I will believe an honest, well respected Police Chief over a Union President, disgruntled City Manager or unethical Council members any day.


  6. Re City Manager. Didn't the City Manager write a letter making a claim of being subjected to political pressure? Maybe that is not “evidence” in the courtroom sense, and maybe courtroom evidence should be required, and maybe there should be at least two witnesses for any claim of wrongdoing to have credibility.

    Re pot$, yes, that will be an interesting set of stories and money trails to follow.


  7. I cancelled my subscrption to Eastbay Times over a year ago. I didn't realize that Borenstein stopped beating the “pension drum.” Borenstein's boring columns, and the Editor's idiotic endorsements for state and local politicians just weren't worth the price.


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