SEIU files suit against Oakland for violation of City Charter

Oakland’s largest public employees union filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court Tuesday alleging the City of Oakland is violating its City Charter with an over-reliance on part-time workers.

Representatives for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 1021 contend Oakland administration is undermining full-time positions with less expensive temporary workers.

“Just like the fast food industry and WalMart, the City of Oakland, is splitting full-time jobs into part-time gigs,” said Felipe Cuevas, president of SEIU Local 1021, Oakland chapter.

“This means these employees get no benefits and no vacation, and have few rights if they are victims of retaliation or other management abuses,” said Cuevas. “This can’t go on.”

The filing is an extension of the current contentious labor dispute between SEIU Local 1021 and the city administration.

According to the lawsuit, the union is asking the court for Oakland to “cease and desist” from creating new part-time positions, suspending the practice of annually hiring non-seasonal workers, and removing part-time position before they become eligible for retirement benefits.

One thought on “SEIU files suit against Oakland for violation of City Charter

  1. By MW:

    I don't know whether or not if such is a common practice by Oakland city government, however many organizations, and including Alameda County government, have regularly used such practices as a gimmick to make a farce out of the contracts they have with their unions.

    For instance, and to give just one example, AC back in the 1990's, and maybe it still does has the same practice, used to hire “temporary” secretaries from employment agencies and keep them in specific slots for years, and obviously with no intention of ever elevating them to official permanent status.

    In fact, I remember one particular specific example, and there were quite likely at least dozens, and perhaps even hundreds, that I did not know about, in which a so called “temporary” assigned to AC government by an agency had not only been there for years, but actually was even working as both the personal secretary for the department's head manager and also as the main secretary for the entire department.

    While it had been going on for years, however officially she was just a “temporary.”

    In fact, Alameda County should change its name to Scamsameda County.

    In addition to reducing such expenses as pensions, there was another, AND HUGE AND MAJOR, benefit to AC government in using “temporaries” as secretaries, and also for clerical in general.

    More specifically, the paperwork, documentation, and “investigations” performed by AC government are largely based on lies, fraud, coverups, and backdated letters. So a so called “temporary,” and who can be easily and immediately fired by the department manager just making a quick phone call to the agency that supplied her, is much less likely to make a stink if asked to do something illegal, and such as for instance being a co-conspirator in mail fraud by typing a backdated letter.

    In fact, I wonder if AC's Public Works Agency uses so called “temporary” secretaries.


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