Hayward group contemplates recall campaign against firebrand school board member

Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso
has served since 2008.

One of the most controversial, if not colorful, elected officials in the entire East Bay resides on the Hayward school board. Dr. Luis Reynoso‘s political resume, however, includes a number of formers. He is a former candidate for the state assembly and Alameda County Board of Supervisors, and even a former member of the Republican Party (He’s now registered No Party Preference).

Now, a local group calling itself C.L.A.S.S., that last year successfully got one of its candidates elected to the Hayward school board, is thinking about adding another former to Reynoso’s name with a potential recall campaign, according to its Website. CLASS and Reynoso went toe-to-toe during the 2016 June campaign, in which, Reynoso won re-election.

The group’s anger was reignited last November after Reynoso used a presentation on improving education in Hayward for under-performing African American schoolchildren to question potential financial conflicts of interests for one of the administrators of the program.

Reynoso’s line of questioning was quickly cut off by his colleagues and the district superintendent. A recess was called, but when it resumed Reynoso left the meeting in protest. CLASS said Reynoso’s actions were “disrespectful to African American students,” a opinion shared later on Facebook by Hayward school board member William McGee.

Reynoso, who frequently probes the district’s pending contracts for waste, said last month that he was merely doing what his constituents want, that is, fight corruption within the school district.

Recall campaigns, however, almost never get off the ground, let alone result in a change in leadership. But the resurgence of CLASS, which backed the election of Hayward school board member Robert Carlson last year along with a vow to clean out the school board, is reminder to the board’s two other members up for re-election next year–McGee and Board President Lisa Brunner.

It was Brunner who last year vigorously opposed CLASS, along with its connections to the Hayward City Council, which also supported a virtual overthrow of the notoriously fractious school board. At one point, Brunner admonished councilmembers to “stay in their own lane.”

13 thoughts on “Hayward group contemplates recall campaign against firebrand school board member

  1. Well said!!! Mayor and City Council make decisions based on money in their pockets, especially when it comes from developers. They are very open about wanting to “transform” Hayward so that new money comes in from across the Bay. City Manager McAdoo oversees this movement while she is paid 250,000+ per year in addition to thousands in perks. Their “Welcome to Hayward” sign may say there is no room for racism, but they make room for classicm.


  2. MW, I applaud and support your right to talk about things that you know nothing about. When you can actually share a point of view that is something other than simple dumbness I look forward to hearing your voice. Reynoso and Halliday do not fit your simple descriptions. Your post is almost as empty as the head of Halliday and the caring of Reynoso. Not sure whether you really have anything of value to say, Nancy Pelosi is really not a factor in either of the threads. Good luck in your future endeavors to make sense.


  3. By MW:

    I do not live in Hayward and am not familiar with Luis Reynoso. However if he is a Republican, or even a former Republican, then we definitely need to get rid of him, since anyone who is a good little robot liberal and/or Democrat definitely “knows” that: one, anyone who is a conservative and/or a Republican is “extremely stupid” and “evil,” and therefore an extreme danger to children and education: and two, those who are Democrats and/or pretend to be liberals are people of the very highest intelligence, ethics, and integrity.

    Therefore, anyone who is a conservative and/or a Republican should not be allowed to hold any public office, and especially one involving children or education.

    Since those who are Republicans and/or conservatives are obviously so extremely stupid that there is nothing positive they could contribute to any discussion, they should, and for the good of society, lose their right to free speech, and in fact also be banned from even living in California.

    For further details, contact Nancy “The Big Phony Who Pretends to Be a Liberal” Pelosi, and who said “YOU CAN READ IT AFTER WE PASS IT.”


  4. I agree. Mayor Halliday is an empty vessel.She's a permanent fixture at city hall, until people wake up and realize she is an embarrassment to the city. Her campaign promise the last time she ran for mayor was that Hayward would never amount to anything. So many people liked her platform that she won the election. Her next campaign theme will be “Hayward is Dirt” and she'll probably be reelected agaon.


  5. Anonymous, talk to your neighbors. Ask them if they voted for or against Reynoso. The majority who voted wins and that is who Reynoso or any other elected person continues. That system works well except for the President. The majority voted for the Democrat else but our Constitution selected the Republican. That is how it will stay until the majority votes to repeal the Electoral College. Incidentally that is all unlikely to occur. The majority does not agree with you or with me. Reynoso does not represent my views. He is a good representative of the Hayward. I am certainly not proud of him or Barbara Halliday.


  6. Anonymous, my post to your reply was about Democracy. This is specifically about your post about who Reynoso represents. You know who he represents. He represents the majority of the voters who are disenfranchised; disconnected with the schools; discontented with officials in general; distrustful of those who do not think and speak their language; who are here to do their best for their children. They do not see that a Stan Dobbs or Lisa Brunner, or a William McGee, or a Robert Carlson representing their interests so they vote for Reynoso because they believe that he represents them better than the others. Hayward has always been diverse, The majority are not represented well on the school board which is why no one will mount a campaign to recall Reynoso. There will not be a challenger to him until the electorate cares, and that is unlikely to occur as long as the minority out votes the majority and the press remains silent on the kind of person that Reynoso is going back to his time at Harder. That disgraceful job performance on his part then is not a part of what the electorate cares about and the press is afraid of him or does not see the value in telling the truth. In any event it is clear that with Barbara Halliday the voters are OK with not much. The voters have elected majority politicians to the City Council. They have continued to support the status quo. I do not expect to see much happening in Hayward as long as the voters continue to as they have. Recalls are expensive and unless the people arise up and create a ME TOO! movement then it is not going to change. Unless someone exposes murder, child abuse, sexual assault, bribery or illegal parking tickets it is not likely that we will see any change for a long time. Democracy really does work. The voters do speak. They may not be real smart but they do speak.


  7. Anonymous, interesting point of view. I think that the electoral process works well. Those who continue to be elected do represent the majority. The majority of Hayward voters in the last election supported Reynoso. No one wants to be rid of him, at least there has never been a recall effort. I think Reynoso continues because the Free Press is not free and no one is working to expose Reynoso as the representative that he is. The majority of voters like him and support him. The does not speak well of the quality of the majority of voters but that is Democracy and I will continue to support it. All a voter needs to do is to meet Barbara once to know that she is an empty vessel. The majority of voters have not met her. Again this does not speak well of the quality of the majotity but that is Democracy, The people she serves vote. Those she does not serve do not vote.


  8. I don't know who Reynoso is calling his constituents. I live in Hayward, and I vote, and he sure doesn't speak for me. Reynoso has been waging brown-on-black war in Hayward since his days at Harder, or maybe before, and he should really think long and hard about who that is serving (spoiler: nobody). I don't know who the hell votes for that guy, but hey, if it takes a recall, let's do it.


  9. People stay in “power” in Hayward because no one bothers to vote out the incompetent public servants who serve their own jnterests. Whether its a School Board member, Mayor or City Council member. You don't vote, you get what you deserve. Usually its someone who can't function, or relate to the people whom they serve. Recall Barbara Halliday while you are at it. She might be a CLASS member, but she needs to reflect on her own lack of skills and her attitude towards the people she is supposed to be serving.


  10. I have never been able to figure out how Reynoso has stayed in power for this long. He is a real piece of work. No one seems to have the nerve to stand up to him and ask the tough questions about him. He was fired as a teacher. You never hear about this. It takes a lot to fire a teacher. While Dobbs was no peach, much more of a peach, Reynoso is not any better as a human being. He is a joke. People laugh at us.


  11. Reynoso let Council and Mayor Halliday have it for their insulting Taco tweet inviting people to “Taco Bout It” becoming a Sanctuary City. Maybe they are getting back at Reynoso for that. The city pays media guru Chuck Finnie for garbage like that and a newsletter called “The Stack.” Not worth wasting my tax dollars on slick, fake advertising. Save money and fire media consultant Chuckie F.


  12. The Mayor and Hayward City Council loved Stan Dobbs, who was basically a conartist and fraud. I wouldn't trust anyone who they endorse, ever. Instead of fixating on Reynoso's ouster, they should stop selling out Hayward to developers and taking school district fees as consultants.

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