HAYWARD Mayor Halliday threatens to evict resident from council chambers

Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday and frequent City Council public speaker Jim Drake again disagreed about the rules of order Tuesday.

After Drake lamented about the perceived lack of public safety in Hayward and students “gang banging,” he blasted the city council, for among things, failing to balance its budget for years.

But Halliday disagreed, and attempted to engage Drake, a move that is not necessarily improper, but uncommon among other neighboring councils. The angry back-and-forth ended with Halliday telling Drake, “I am the mayor! I have the floor!”

Halliday then angrily feigned to kick Drake out of the council chambers by giving him, what she called, a “notice of eviction.”

Two years ago, the mayor and Drake, along with Hayward school boardmember Luis Reynoso, battled over Halliday’s insistence of responding to speakers during the public comment period typically reserved for topics not listed on the regular agenda.

Drake, like he did Tuesday night, claimed Halliday was violating the Brown Act by addressing him during public comment. And like Tuesday, Halliday exclaimed, “I am the mayor.”

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3 replies

  1. Time for some new leadership in Hayward (I think).


  2. Most horrible city government ever, doesn’t be surprised when half of them are led out in handcuffs. The City of Hayward has a major deficit and that tyrant Mayor knows it.


  3. There are no viable options in the race for Mayor 2018. We need a Johnny Come Lately write in, who will vow to make Hayward safe and remove Sanctuary Status.


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