Now the Soros PAC is slinging mud at O’Malley

The Political Action Committee backed by progressive billionaire George Soros in support of Alameda County District Attorney candidate Pamela Price has produced some of the best mail pieces of this primary season. There are well-designed, uncluttered and deliver a clear, even-keeled message to voters. What the PAC has not done much is attack opponent, Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley. That is, until this weekend.

A direct-mail piece paid for by Soros’ California Justice & Public Safety PAC that arrived Thursday and Friday features six tombstones with the names of individuals in Alameda County who died in police custody. “Six dead at the hands of police. Zero independent investigations by DA Nancy O’Malley,” reads the mailer. The ad also references the $35,000 in contributions O’Malley’s campaign has raised from police unions.

Meanwhile, in San Diego where the same Soros PAC has been pouring big money into local television commercials to help defeat another entrenched district attorney, comes word that it suddenly canceled its advertisement buys. According to the report, the California Justice & Public Safety PAC may be moving its resources elsewhere. The development potentially means the ad dollars are coming to Alameda County, and possibly Sacramento County, another area where the PAC has spent heavily to unseat an incumbent DA.

What appeared to be a 30-second spot created by the PAC briefly showed up online Friday afternoon. The ad is similar to a previous mailer featuring Hernan Jaramillo, who will killed in 2016 by Oakland Police. The incident was reminiscent of the Eric Garner killing in New York City. Like Garner, Jaramillo is heard on the video, which is featured in the forthcoming ad, screaming, “I can’t breathe.”

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