ALCO Assessor: Phong La, Jim Johnson advance to November runoff

The four-candidate race for Alameda County Assessor failed to deliver a winner Tuesday night, although first-time candidates Phong La and Jim Johnson advanced to a November runoff.

La, who earned a large number of endorsements from well-known establishment candidates topped the field with 36 percent of the vote.

Johnson, who works in the Assessor’s Office, earned 26 percent, edging out John Weed for second-place. Since neither candidate reach a majority of the June primary tally, they will met again later this year.

Weed, a member of the Alameda County Water District, finished third with 22 percent, followed by Kevin Lopez, an appraiser in the Assessor, with 15 percent.

One thought on “ALCO Assessor: Phong La, Jim Johnson advance to November runoff

  1. Leadership requires character and Johnson is a carpet bagging opportunist who has exaggerated his experience and worked behind the scenes to hire his son and other friends of his family into the Assessors Office. He is exactly what alameda county residents DO NOT need. Ask anyone in our office that is not afraid to tell the truth.

    Political patronage is and has been alive and well in the Assessors office now. It would extend to virtually every level of the office if carpet bagger Jim is elected


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