O’Malley, after a bitter campaign; wins re-election

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, during a long and bitter campaign, was labeled as corrupt by her opponent Pamela Price, later, accused of accepting campaign contributions from dirty cops. In the end, voters re-elected O’Malley by a large margin Tuesday night.

O’Malley, who until this year had never faced an opponent in two elections for district attorney, held a commanding 23,000 vote lead over Price, an Oakland civil rights attorney, with 57 percent of precincts reported.

There was little question about the outcome Tuesday night, starting from the first batch of vote-by-mail ballots. After three successive updates, O’Malley continued to hold roughly the same decisive spread over her opponent.

The outcome comes as a surprise to some, who in the past two weeks, had come to expect a much tighter race. As evidence, the O’Malley campaign’s late decision to go negative, in addition, to an onslaught of Independent Expenditure Committee money backed by various law enforcement groups.

Price also benefited from IE money to fuel her late run. Hundreds of thousands in special interests funding backed by progressive billionaire George Soros made headlines throughout the final month of the race.

While Price had become a darling of East Bay progressives for her campaign advocating against mass incarceration, early results show her appeal did not resonate outside of the Oakland flatlands.



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