‘Not done yet’: Price does not concede DA race

A day after receiving disappointing election results, Alameda County Attorney Candidate Pamela Price is not conceding the race to incumbent DA Nancy O’Malley.

Although tens of thousands of uncounted ballots remain countywide, Tuesday night’s tally gave O’Malley a roughy 27,000-vote advantage over Price.

In a statement to supporters Wednesday afternoon that is both defiant and somewhat melancholic, Price said, “It is Wednesday the day after Election Day, and although the current results are not what we had hoped for, there are votes still to be counted and voices to be heard. At last check, there were tens of thousands of outstanding ballots to be tabulated. We hope that when the last vote is counted, the results will change. We will know more this Friday.”

As of Wednesday, O’Malley received 87,643 votes equal to 59 percent of the vote. Price, meanwhile earned 59,879 votes for 40 percent.

“But no matter what the final outcome, we have so much to be proud of, especially all the hard work, the sweat and sacrifice, each and every one of you have poured into this campaign for the last many months,” said Price.

Later referencing a “million dollar juggernaut of corrupt leadership,” a reference to campaign contributions from law enforcement to O’Malley and police union-backed independent expenditure committees who made a strong push late in the race, she added, “We have pulled back once and for all the dusty curtains of the status quo never again to be closed to us, our community or anyone in search of fairness and justice and compassion. We have opened eyes, hearts and minds for the very first time in decades to the most important issues of our time – the urgent need to end mass incarceration, racially biased prosecutions, and to hold law enforcement accountable to the people who pay them and count on them for equal protection and equal treatment under the law.”

Price’s campaign, even in the likely event it falls short of closing a very sizable deficit, captured the imagination of local grassroots groups like few others in recent East Bay election history. It is unclear what might Price’s next move for herself or the issues she has advocated for most of the past year.

2 thoughts on “‘Not done yet’: Price does not concede DA race

  1. Yes, indeed. Ms. Price now proves that she not only has no understanding of our legal system, nor the meaning of justice…but also suffers from a lack of understanding the rules probability and statistics. Perhaps, by Friday, she will learn that once you get less than 30% of the vote counted, via a random distribution of precincts, you obtain a +95% confidence level in the outcome.

    That said, Ms. Price has every right to wait a while for the mail-in ballots to be counted, so that no statistical projection is required. It will do no harm, unlike the policies she wanted to impose. I absolutely admit my bias. Having listened to her first debate, I just want her to go away.

    This is just speculation, and I could be 100% wrong, but I think that she will find, that a large % of her strongest progressive supporters, didn’t even take the time to vote. They like to yell from the mountain tops about “injustice,”…but they won’t make the effort to vote…many having no desire to even register to vote …which is actually very sad. I see this all the time with young people. Even if I disagree with people, they should vote. My point, is that I very much doubt there will be any big surprise in the mail-in ballots.

    I am joyful to know that this is one election, in which the Globalist, George Soros, wasted his money.


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