Khanna: Dems should support Trump’s engagement with North Korea

When it comes to following Democratic Party leaders who are critical of President Donald Trump’s strategy for rapprochement with North Korea, Rep. Ro Khanna is diverting from a growing party othodoxy.

U.S. Sens. Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and five other senate Democratic leaders sent a letter to Trump last week opposing the easing of sanctions against North Korea unless a list of stringent conditions were met, including denuclearization.

Khanna’s response was blunt, tweeting last week, “Let me be clear @SenSchumer does not speak for the Democratic Party concerning North Korea and Iran.”

The same day New York Times columnist Nick Kristoff offered a similar critique of Senate Democrats, writing, “Trump’s newfound pragmatism is infinitely preferable to the threat of nuclear war that used to hang over all of us, so it’s mystifying to see Democrats carping about any possible North Korea deal.”

Khanna, using his congressional campaign Twitter handle, retweeted the column and again undermined Schumer, calling him “simply wrong on this issue.”

On Monday, as Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un met for a summit in Singapore, Khanna appeared before the Korea Peace Network. According to a tweet from a person in attendance, Khanna told the group, “The role of Democrats should be encouraging dialogue.”

7 thoughts on “Khanna: Dems should support Trump’s engagement with North Korea

  1. Ron,

    I agree with you that removing the nuclear threat including the ICBM’s is a massive good for everyone.

    I agree that the Democrats sound like they are reactionary and subversive. Nothing to be proud of.

    I see too many similarities to Munich to be comfortable. Kim certainly seems to me to look and act a lot like Hitler. South Korea seems a lot like Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland.

    As long as the USA does not stand down and we gain the verifiable elimination of the nuclear weapons and delivery systems I am in agreement.

    Sure hope it turns out that way.


  2. Your logic is flawed. It is a work in progress.

    The military exercises stop IF, IF, IF there is progress. If not, they continue. That is crystal clear.

    The sanctions are, sadly, starving NK to death. The Chinese have stopped sending trucks across the one bridge that connects the two countries. Mr. Kim Jong-un understands, if there is no real progress, he will be overthrown by his own people whom he can no longer pay-off to follow his demented dictatorship. The aircraft carriers stay off his coast, and all the sanctions stay full on.

    He will run out of Cheeze Whiz to put on his Fruit Loops for breakfast. That is what drove him to the table in the first place. It was not some revelation for peace and prosperity. Mr. Kim is a murderous thug.

    You also missed the Trump interview where he stated that his conversation with Kim was ONLY about NK nuke removal. Trump said he made that clear, and there was no discussion about SK nuke or military removal. In fact, surprisingly, Kim didn’t even bring it up and a proposal.

    Kim, is beat. He is broke. The Chinese want this threat ended. They don’t like American Aircraft carriers and subs off their coast. Kim has no friends, and many of his people have worms in their intestines (I’m not kidding).

    So, you have no problem reading into the deal something distant from the facts, for some nonsense you concocted yourself, or heard on CNN or MSNBC. Thankfully, real world events do not turn of the interpretations of Rachel Maddow.

    Trump has been honest. He is not sure if this is going to work out. That’s what a real leader does. He has Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D.

    Yes, I think Trump did about as good as he could on short notice. Frankly, I am sleeping better without thinking that Kim might fire on California tonight. That’s a real good thing. I have no understanding of people who think otherwise…except, as I said, they are, as Ro says, partisan — and I would add, dangerous political hacks.


  3. Ron, so you are supportive to POTUS’s direction to remove the military preparedness exercises with South Korea as a budget savings?

    Seems to me like POTUS has abandoned our allies in South Korea be cause we trust North Korea? No mention of an end to the Korean War? No mention of an end to Human Rights violations in North Korea. No mention of independent verification of removal of ICBM’s, Hydrogen Bombs, or Plutonium enrichment.

    It looks to me after reading the communique that the agreement is to remove nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula. I would not be surprised if North Korea views that language as meaning no US Nuclear Weapons at all as well. I think POTUS was outsmarted.


  4. Right. Ro is 100% correct on this issue. So many (D)s have “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that they are acting in anti-American ways, just so that the President can’t take credit for anything. That’s childish, and dangerous.

    As POTUS says, “Who knows if this will work out.” To criticize every attempt of the President is CLEARLY showing the American people that while the President is trying to be a diplomatic, the (D) leadership are just political, partisan hacks, ACTING ONLY IN THEIR OWN SELF-INTEREST.

    I hope it backfires on the (D) leadership.


  5. The agreement in principle signed in Singapore to cease US-South Korean readiness maneuvers each Spring and Fall is a victory for North Korea and gets the United States nothing but another damaged relationship with an ally, this time South Korea. We gave in and got nothing except an assurance from the President that North Korea is serious.

    If the past tells us anything it is that what the United States went to Singapore for was not achieved. This feels a lot like Munich to me. Is Donald Trump like Neville Chamberlain? It sure looks to me like this is much the same. South Korea looks like it is a rerun of the 1930’s build up of fascism in Europe. It looks like the United States is touting this as peace in our time.

    Ro Khanna seems to be in agreement that this is a good thing. Not so sure of that if we are to trust the history of Korea and the Communists.


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