Swalwell’s profane response to Huckabee’s incendiary tweet

Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee mirrored President Trump’s penchant for inflammatory tweets last Saturday.

The tweet featuring a photo of menacing, tattooed and shirtless men apparently representative of the MS-13 gang and included Huckabee’s commentary linking them to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s campaign committee.

There was outrage over the tweet among Democrats, including East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Also known for his biting tweets, often critical of Trump, Swalwell took his anger to another level Saturday night, and adding an expletive for extra effect.

2 thoughts on “Swalwell’s profane response to Huckabee’s incendiary tweet

  1. Well, I have to say, I agree with Rep. Swalwell.

    I disagree with about everything Rep. Pelosi says; but Gov. Huckabee’s tweet is racist, inaccurate, and hateful.

    I used to like Huckabee. He seemed like a thoughtful, reasonable, conservative guy. His tweet, this time, is that of just another southern racists using childish comparisons that make little sense, except to be mean.

    Great Job, Gov.! You just may have lost us some seats in the Congress, as I, a fellow Republican, find your tweet outrageous and pitiful.


  2. While I am no supporter of Representative Smallwell, it is time for civility to come back and for there to be some respectable discourse. Characterizing tweets of opposition and comment from former governor Huckabee and President Trump as little better than feces is disappointing at best and should be unacceptable.

    Joining the rabble is not the right thing to do. Voting them out of office is the right the thring to do.


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