EBC|AGENDA: July 13-19 — SAN LEANDRO allocates $14m for road work; OAKLAND 1% tax measure on rental properties

SAN LEANDRO Regular council meeting, Monday, July 16, 7 p.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Sept. 3 (August recess)
–ROAD REPAIRS COMING– San Leandro’s rise over the past decade has otherwise been somewhat marred by the terrible condition of its roads. On Monday, the council will allocate a total of $13.8 million to three contractors for various overlay and street rehabilitation projects. Funding for the projects come from the general fund, two countywide transportation measures and the state gas tax.

–TOBACCO LICENSE FEE– Earlier this year, San Leandro City Council enacted a suite of prohibitions on tobacco retailers, including the sale of flavored cigarettes and limiting the sale of cigarillos packaged in quantities of less than 20. Now the council will discuss assessing an annual $500 tobacco retailer’s license fee to cover enforcement. Other neighborhood cities also have the same fee including, Oakland ($1,500) to Union City ($769), and Hayward ($400).

–INTERIM CITY MANAGER– The council will likely move to change Acting City Manager Jeff Kay’s job title to “interim.” Former City Manager Chris Zapata stepped down on July 10.

OAKLANDSpecial committee meetings, Tuesday, July 17, start at 9 a.m.
–RENTAL PROPERTY TAX– At the¬†Finance & Management Committee, Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan is “proposing a ballot Measure, to adopt a special supplemental business license tax on rental of property at a rate of 1% of annual gross receipts in excess of $200,000, to fund solutions for homelessness, illegal dumping remediation, and related programs. The Council would have the power to reduce the tax and make other changes to procedures as long as they do not increase the tax. Staff has estimated that the total gross rental receipts for accounts reporting $200,000 or more is $1,046,945,453. The first $200,000 of rental revenue would not be subject to the supplemental tax. Therefore, a supplemental business license tax on rental of property at a rate of 1% of annual gross receipts in excess of $200,000 may raise about $7.8 million per year.”

–PUBLIC LANDS POLICY– The Community & Economic Development Committee¬†resumes a discussion over a report that will hopefully leads to a citywide public lands policy and strategy. The city owns about 1,100 parcels, or, about 2,800 acres. At the same Community & Economic Development meeting comes a Kaplan-backed proposal to adopt a 180-day moratorium on the sale of public lands.

–WATERFRONT FIRE SERVICES– The Public Safety Committee will receive a report that details the future demand for fire services along the Oakland Waterfront. The report includes the need for additional services for the Brooklyn Basin development, currently under construction just south of Jack London Square, and notably, Howard Terminal, which is perhaps the leading contender for a new ballpark for the Oakland Athletics.

HAYWARDRegular council meeting, Tuesday, July 17, 7 p.m.
ENTIRE AGENDA HERE | Next meeting: July 24.

One thought on “EBC|AGENDA: July 13-19 — SAN LEANDRO allocates $14m for road work; OAKLAND 1% tax measure on rental properties

  1. It sounds to me like there may be a need for some investigation in to who these three Road Repair Companies are and how they were chosen. Well over $4M in contracts for each. Could this be patronage and payoffs? Is this very transparent? What ties does the new interim city manager have to this? What relationships do the three companies have with Galvan and Santos and Cassidy, as well as the internal workings of old San Leandro. Not only that general fund money is being spent on the roads without much bidding on these jobs. This is what is wrong with San Leandro. The Good Old Boy Network and coordination with the Unions, Staff, and old line bosses.


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