Port of Oakland official drops hint about A’s ballpark site

Port of Oakland Commissioner Michael Colbruno, lit A’s Twitter on fire over the weekend when he suggested in a tweet Sunday that he believes the Oakland Athletics will make an announcement about a new ballpark at the conclusion of this season.

Colbruno’s tweet was also partly tongue-in-cheek, predicting a Bay Bridge World Series this October.

Going back to discussions in 2015 with a previous group interested in building a new ballpark at the Port of Oakland-owned Howard Terminal site, north of Jack London Square, Colbruno, an appointee of former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, has been a strong supporter of the team moving to the waterfront.

Colbruno also addressed the waterfront business that could ultimately provide the greatest opposition to a waterfront ballpark–Schnitzer Steel–which has already enlisted former State Senate Pro Tem Don Perata as a consultant.

The timetable laid out by Colbruno is plausible, especially since A’s ownership has repeatedly indicated they will self-finance the ballpark at either Howard Terminal or the existing Coliseum complex.

In addition, an assembly bill authored by Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta that would expedite resolution of any lawsuits regarding environmental regulatory issues is currently moving through the State Senate.

2 thoughts on “Port of Oakland official drops hint about A’s ballpark site

  1. While Twitter might be all agog over this announcement, I think this fake news. Don Perata, Jean Wigan and Rob Bonta all on the same page is unlikely and would be news. The A’s are the ones that need to speak first, then the County and then the city. Just a lot of hot air. Libby Schaaf and the mind bending Oakland politicis are a long way from making this happen.

    Wish it could but I think we have along way to go to see this happen in 5 years.


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