STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 1: Hipsters and sanctuary city hypocrisy in San Leandro

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The world premiere of the Steve Tavares Is Angry Podcast ponders the possibility of his neighborhood becoming gentrified, along with the future loss of his Orange Julius-sized apartment in Alameda.

Plus, in The Breakdown, he looks at the Trumpian barrage of anti-immigrant tweets sent recently by the chair of a San Leandro school district $104 million bond measure oversight committee and how San Leandro officials are too afraid to speak out against her.

Steve Tavares is angry and so should you.

It’s premiere week! Tune in for new episodes this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, here at, and subscribe soon on iTunes and Stitcher.

One thought on “STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 1: Hipsters and sanctuary city hypocrisy in San Leandro

  1. Steve, nice music. Not so sure what you are angry about, except got the hypocrisy which is everywhere . Gentrification I can understand. I had high hopes for that and a focus on Alameda and then you got off in San Leandro. What about the names? You mentioned Mr Congeniality, our former mayor, but you left out the rest of the wrecking crew. And you backed down on having ACSO providing additional support at the Ashland Youth Center. If you were looking for a scapegoat, instead of choosing Cassidy you could have select Mate Miley or Gordon Galvan or BART and AC Transit, the changing of the name of the high school or the real story of Fred Korematsu and the ugly legacy of the CC & A for San Lorenzo. And then there is the kindly Sheriff.

    Hoping for a little more anger with facts. You can always felt out Mary Hayashi and Gordon Galvan with a little bit of Klan nostalgia coupled with some good Portuguese food and the long tradition of whaling and fishing, not just the Mormon Cherry Trees.


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