Barbara Lee and Uncle Sam

“The federal government needs to stay out of our business”-Progressive East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee, in a fundraising email on Monday, making a states’ rights argument typically used by conservatives, in reference to the Trump administration’s opposition to California’s cannabis laws.

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  1. Holy Smokes! I actually agree with Rep. Lee on this point. Is she becoming a Libertarian?

    I’m going to go see a doctor. I don’t feel well.

    No, no….this is just an inadvertent comment from a person with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
    Anything Mr. Trump is for, she will find a way to be against. Just like a cat always lands on its feet, she, by dumb luck, and I do mean dumb, got this issue right.

    How did she accumulate enough I.Q. to actually make an intellect observation?

    I’m sure she’ll be back to the same old race-baiting, tomorrow.


  2. I was so surprised, I made a typo: Meant: ” to actually make an intelligent observation?”


  3. All Barbara and the folks in her jurisdiction need to do to make that happen is to stop taking Uncle Sam’s cash. Not holding my breath waiting for the day that happens.


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