STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 7: Ahem, Sheriff Ahern

It’s the most disconcerting, yet wacky Steve Tavares Is Angry podcast yet. As more allegations against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office pile up in just the last few days, why does Sheriff Ahern continually escape scrutiny?

In The Breakdown, the strange case of an once-prospective Alameda City Council candidate takes another turn. I take a look at what really might be behind the renewed effort. And who knows? Maybe there’s karaoke.

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  1. When Greg Ahearn became Sheriff after succeeding the insanely popular Charlie Plummer all knew that the old Alameda County Blue Meanies of Sixties/Seventies fame was back and entrenched with strong business and governmental support. No one messes with the Sheriff, despite a long history of indictments of his deputies for assault, abuse & theft to mention just a few. Until insiders and supporters stand up this is going to continue. ACSO continues to support and train local cops as well building great support for his office. His freely distributed campaign contributions, as noted really locks him in. This is unlikely to change until the Progressives and Democratic Socialists finally figure out that the Sheriff is the problem.


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