STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Ep 24–Oakland stadium issues and politics with Bauce Man

In the last few weeks, Oakland–and the East Bay’s–stadium issues is becoming more clear. The A’s announced their intention last month to build at Howard Terminal near the Port of Oakland, in addition, to a proposal to develop the Coliseum site for a housing and tech hub. This week, the city of Oakland sued the Raiders and the NFL for damages related to the team’s move to Las Vegas. One of the insiders behind the lawsuit joins the program for a lengthy, and sometimes trash talk-filled, discussion on both developments.

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  1. Bauceman talks a fine line. I applaud his point of view that no one should have to pay taxes to support the Raiders. If I understand his point of view that there should not be public money spent to support private businesses. That however is not much to support Oakland, since our taxes pay for the utilities, transportation and the rest. So to take his trash talk, it is up to the Raiders, the A’s and any other private venue to provide 100% with no public support at all. Not sure if that realty makes sense for Oakland, but it certainly makes sense for most of the folks that never go to a game or attend a concert or anything else.


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