Study: Howard Terminal ballpark will create $7.3bn in economic benefits

A report by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, a pro-business think tank, estimates the proposed Howard Terminal ballpark project near Jack London Square will generate $7.3 billion in total economic benefits over the decade following build out of the waterfront area.

The project, which would be one of the largest in the Bay Area, would also create more than 6,119 jobs. In addition, to a 35,000-seat privately-financed ballpark for the Oakland Athletics, retail and restaurant spaces, residential housing units, and offices buildings are slated for the waterfront area west of Jack London Square.

Pending a number of significant regulatory approvals, a new ballpark at Howard Terminal would not open, at its earliest, until 2023.

READ the full report here.

According the report, released Wednesday, an estimated 3,623 of the more than 6,100 jobs will ultimately become full-time. Most will be office jobs, around 2,500, and just 667 linked to the ballpark.

A previous report from the Bay Area Council estimated the waterfront ballpark, by itself, would generate $3 billion for the local economy. A proposed gondola linking downtown Oakland to the ballpark would add an additional $685 million in spending over a 10-year period, the think tank estimated.

The report’s methodology is based on an assumption that for “every $1 in direct spending, an additional percentage is spent on housing, healthcare, food, retail, and other items within the City of Oakland.” It does not include early construction impacts to the area.

Many economists, though, find fulsome estimates of the economic benefits associated with stadiums and arenas to be dubious. A number of studies, in fact, have long found negligible economic benefits from new stadiums. And any perceived gains may only represent a loss for another part of the city.

9 thoughts on “Study: Howard Terminal ballpark will create $7.3bn in economic benefits

  1. This is something that the Progressives in Oakland should reject. I mean, get real. If this really happens, the community will be so much better off. True Progressives will reject, being afraid of true capitalism. Let us hope this happens.


  2. William,

    Walking anywhere for a mile from West Oakland or 12th Street is an invitation to being robbed, mugged or just plain abused. When I go to Giants Games I take BART to Muni to Pac Bell or whatever it is called now. Walking back at night, no way in SF and certainly no way in Oakland. Transit is the number one issue to be resolved. The others to your points are also important.


  3. Howard Terminal is equidistant to both the West Oakland BART and 12th Street stations, a distance that happens to be nearly identical to the walk from Montgomery Street station to Oracle Park. If the pedestrian corridors are safe, clean and vibrant, I don’t see this as a deal breaker by any means. These arguments about parking and proximity to transit are carbon copies of those leveled at Pac Bell in the late 1990s. There are plenty of other obstacles that I see as virtually insurmountable at Howard Terminal, but access isn’t one of them.


  4. A 1 mile walk from BART to the new terminal will kill this stadium. The only way this makes sense is if there are dedicated safe bike lanes, a dedicated Free Shuttle that accommodates bikes, monitored and secured Cycle Parking at the Stadium,

    For those of us who regularly attend A’s Games, AMTRAK, the Ferry & AC Transit are ridiculous as methods to get to games. There is insufficient parking and unless the alternatives are complimentary will make the attendance at less than wonderful.

    The incidental costs of Infrastructure make this a very expensive proposition, both for the A’s and everyone else.

    The A’s need to figure this out, otherwise this is a boondoggle of monumental proportions. The voters have already said that this has to be done without public funding.

    Destroying the existing Laney College campus was a far better idea. That one would work. Build a new Laney College at the old site.


  5. You folks talk about transportation as if there already wasn’t direct access to the place, if they never got a BART station directly near the site.

    There is an Amtrak station, a ferry docked right next to it, 12th street BART station is about a mile away from Jack London (admittedly it would be nice if it was closer), there is also thousands of parking spaces within walking distance, and there are already direct bus routes to Jack London from Broadway.


  6. Tonya,

    I too would like to see this kind of development. But there is not a BART station there. If BART is part of the plan then I am good for this. No BART, no support. Go A’s.


  7. Are you people crazy !!! You have one of the BEST transit systems in the whole Bay Area and water transport. The access to the freeways is phenomenal. The fear of change and expansion should not stop progress. GO A’s !!!


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