Labor opposition to Steve Glazer grows; teachers back Marisol Rubio

Fresh off a successful denial of an important Democratic Party endorsement for incumbent Seventh District state Sen. Steve Glazer, challenger Marisol Rubio received the endorsements Wednesday from the California Federation of Teachers and California School Employees Association.

SD7 logoBoth unions are typically heavy participants in legislative races, especially those that could be highlighted by the issue of charter schools, which the unions strongly oppose.

The primary in the Seventh District could be once such campaign. Glazer, a Democrat elected to the state senate in a 2015 special election, has supported charter schools in the past. Four years ago, the California Charter Schools Association endorsed his re-election.

In addition, Glazer voiced opposition to Assemby Bill 1505, legislation signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Oct. 3 that gives school districts greater power to decide whether to approve charter school applications. Glazer voted against the bill in committee, but recorded no vote when it came to the full state senate floor.

Opposition from teachers’ unions was clear at last weekend’s California Democratic Party Convention. One flyer charged Glazer with voting like a Republican and supporting President Trump’s border wall. Glazer voiced exasperation with the argument that he did not support the union’s cause, in a tweet last Saturday.



2 thoughts on “Labor opposition to Steve Glazer grows; teachers back Marisol Rubio

  1. I don’t see why we even need a legislature; we should just let the public sector unions run the State and save the cost of holding elections.


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