‘The only remedy for his repeated misconduct is impeachment’: Alameda County reps weigh-in

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Congress to begin drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump on Thursday for improperly asking the president Ukraine to investigate his presidential rival Joe Biden and his son in exchange for releasing military aid previously approved by Congress.

Alameda County’s three members of Congress, Reps Barbara Lee, Eric Swalwell, and Ro Khanna, were in lock-step with Pelosi’s directive.

“The evidence from our impeachment inquiry is clear and uncontradicted: President Donald Trump abused his office and used your taxpayer dollars to pressure a foreign government to cheat our elections,” Swalwell said on Thursday. ”

“He has left Congress no choice but to act, and I stand in strong support of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to ask the Judiciary Committee – on which I serve – to proceed with articles of impeachment.”

A day earlier, Khanna agreed, tweeting a short video in which he urged no further discussion on whether to move forward on impeachment.

Lee, who has backed the removal of Trump from office seemingly since even before Trump took the oath of office, also supported moving forward with impeachment for only the fourth time in U.S. history, and the first since President Clinton in 1998. “The only remedy for his repeated misconduct is impeachment,” she tweeted about Trump.

4 thoughts on “‘The only remedy for his repeated misconduct is impeachment’: Alameda County reps weigh-in

  1. Anonymous, how is the right to bear guns, which we already have, a solution? I think the Constitution and Impeachment are the solution. I support #2A, but not those who advocate shooting those they disagree with. I do support the responsibility of Law Enforcement to deprive the Domestic Terrorists of their freedom.


  2. Democrat politicians are treasonous operatives, they are domestic enemies. #2A is the only solution.


  3. Pelosi should be voted out of office and is wasting time better spent on the business of the congress not these petty partisan games.


  4. Impeaching Trump is relatively easy and will happen. The Democrats have the majority. These partisan politics will yield failure in the Senate and the Great Orange One will remain and the United States will continue to suffer greatly.


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