After talking to, Hayward council members rescind support for charter school candidate

After receiving push back from some local labor unions, Hayward Councilmembers Elisa Marquez and Francisco Zermeno pulled their endorsement of Janevette Cole, a candidate for the Alameda County Board of Education whose campaign is supported by charter schools.

2020 march primary logo drop shadowMarquez told the East Bay Citizen that she rescinded the endorsement for “political reasons.”

Following a news story in the East Bay Citizen on Jan. 23 that detailed the endorsements by Marquez and Zermeno, local unions quickly applied pressure on both councilmembers, both of which are up for a tough re-election season later this year.

A posting on Facebook last month by a representative from the Service Employees International Union Local 1021 said the head of the Alameda Labor Council reached out to Marquez to discuss the matter. “Elisa has changed her mind, and has rescinded her endorsement of Cole,” according to the Facebook posting on Jan. 24.

Cole Janevette
Janevette Cole, one of three candidates running this March for the open Alameda County Board of Education seat in Ward 5. Current Hayward school boardmember Luis Reynoso and former Hayward school boardmember Lisa Brunner are also candidates.

Both Marquez and Zermeno have shown varying degrees of loyalty to the labor movement in Hayward over the years. Unions, especially teachers, view charter schools as a major threat to labor movement. Little slack is ever given to labor-friendly elected officials and candidates who veer from this orthodoxy.

Meanwhile, Zermeno’s decision to pull the Cole endorsement, however, is less clear. In the hours after labor leaders were seeking for the councilmembers to rescind their endorsements, Zermeno made a comment on Facebook in support of Cole.

“She is a very good candidate,” Zermeno wrote, and added the Alameda County Board of Education has approved charter schools in the past.

Zermeno FB charter schools Zermeno and Marquez’s names were subsequently removed from Cole’s campaign website. Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday, whose endorsement of Cole was also announced at the same time as her council colleagues, however, is staying with Cole. Halliday’s endorsement was included on a recent campaign mailer sent on behalf of Cole by a charter schools organization funded by two of the heirs to Walmart fortune.


6 thoughts on “After talking to, Hayward council members rescind support for charter school candidate

  1. Puppets. I guess they only care about you, if you belong to a union. Just like the rest of them. Remember this when you vote.


  2. Fact Check #1 So, the movement to propose and get school bonds passed to build the first new schools in Hayward in close to 50 years was started in 2006. Brunner, as well as Heredia, Reynoso, at that time, opposed the bonds. However, when the schools opened Brunner and her cronies were all there with their Colgate smiles cutting ribbons and taking credit for schools they opposed. The first bod plan was continuum planned with phases of schools to be built succeeding boards simply followed the blueprint laid out and took credit. Zero BRAIN POWER or foresight. Fact Check #2 Brunner, nor any other board member during her tenure brought in the Hayward Promise neighborhood grant. It was written and brought in by CSU East Bay, and they are the fiscal agent because Brunner’s board was not responsible enough to be trusted. Fact Check #3 All of the endorsements cited in Brunner’s support were the exact same Demo machine that sought out, finances, and other candidates against her to get rid of her and Reynoso. They are only backing her now because she is the lesser of two evils between Coles (a Charter disciple) and Reynoso. Fact Check #3 Brunner was a member and President of the most uncivil, unprofessional, the scandal-ridden era’s in school board history. It was bad reality tv, no accomplishments, and created a situation where no talented, accomplished superintendent leader will come to Hayward. You have seen a succession of interims and short-termers. It’s obvious the choice of candidates is extremely poor, however, do not pas on accomplishments of others to Brunner who has been in over her head from day one and is allowed to continue because she is a vessel for unions to do as they wish unquestioned and clueless to her.


  3. So now you know to vote for Lisa Brunner who is endorsed by: Alameda Labor Council, Alameda County Democratic Party, Asian Pacific Democratic Caucus, Alameda County Teachers Association, HEA, NHTA, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, State Senator Bob Weickowski, State Assemblymember Ron Bonita, State Assemblymember Bill Quirk, ACBOS Richard Valle, Hayward City Council Member Aisha Wahab, Union City Council Member Jaime Patino, Chabot BOT Dr. Marshall Mitzman, ACOE BOT Aisha Knowles, and more. She has served on the HUSD Board for two terms overseeing a budget that went from red to black, help pass bonds to enable schools to do a total rebuild or improve the site. Lisa brought in the Hayward Promise Neighborhood federal grant to the Jackson Triangle neighborhood in partnership with CSUEB. Intervention and enrichment was returned to Hayward schools while she was a trustee. As part of the Hayward Library Commission, she worked on the design and bond measure to build the new Hayward Library. Amazingly, she was a Vietnam Era veteran. Lisa continues to serve the community on the HEF and VAPA boards. As you can see she has the experience and commitment to serve Hayward and Union City students and get the most for your tax dollar.


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