Alameda school trustee apologizes for DUI arrest; said she will not resign

Alameda school trustee Jennifer Williams apologized Tuesday night for her arrest last month for alleged drunk driving. Williams’ comments came during the school board’s meeting, and as her colleagues were calling for revisions to the board’s bylaws regarding personal conduct.

Williams Jenn
Jennifer Williams

“I apologize for bringing this embarrassment to my family, and this board,” Williams said. The matter is still pending and no charges have been filed, she added. She declined to not comment further on the matter out of advice from her counsel.

Williams, who is up for re-election this November, said she has no intention of resigning from the board.

Williams was arrested on Feb. 12 on the 900 block of High Street in Alameda. A police log from that day said, “Suspect displayed the objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication and was taken into custody.”

The arrest occurred just before 10:30 p.m. and came amidst a number of recent pedestrian and vehicle collisions in Alameda, and two deaths in recent months. Shortly after the arrest, Williams notified the school board of the incident.

Alameda school board president Mia Bonta indicated the impetus for Tuesday’s referral was Williams’ arrest. “I was surprised we didn’t have a policy in this regard,” she said.

The school board, including Williams, supported moving the referral to the board’s policy subcommittee for possible revisions to its bylaws for personal conduct.

2 thoughts on “Alameda school trustee apologizes for DUI arrest; said she will not resign

  1. She is so bold to say that she is not going to resign. She should be help responsible and she should not be trusted to continue on the board. I looked this up now, she has this covid lockdown to thank for further embarrassing her. I am sure her whipped husband has been doing her clean up work for her. Please do not reelect her this November!!!!


  2. At the very least Alameda School Board Member Williams should be remembered by Alameda voters in November and voted out of office. Drunk drivers should not be given the public’s trust. Certainly just by her actions she has demonstrated that she needs to be treated for her alcoholism. Her membership on the board is toxic. Her fellow board members need to censure her until the election.

    Board President Bonta needs to lead here and call for the censure of Board member Williams.

    Williams needs to be separated from the school board as soon as possible. November is too late.


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