Union City mayor posed maskless in a photo with 25 people also not wearing masks

Union City Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci and the City Council kicked off a intensive outreach effort last month to stop the spread of the coronavirus by encouraging residents to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

But Dutra-Vernaci, who is facing a re-election challenge from a council colleague and a member of the New Haven school board, had not been heeding her own advice prior to the city’s effort.

Dutra-Vernaci appeared in a photo last August that showed her maskless, and in close proximity with 25 of her supporters, a vast majority who were also not wearing masks.

Union City mayoral candidates: Councilmember Jaime Patino, Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci, and New Haven school boardmember Sarabjit Cheema.

Dutra-Vernaci’s appearance in the photo is a violation of the Alameda County public health order that recommends residents outdoor gatherings of groups no larger than 12 people. In addition, those individuals should be part of your personal “social bubble.”

During a heated candidate forum last month, one of Dutra-Vernaci’s opponents, Councilmember Jaime Patino, made an effort to link her with President Trump’s infamous aversion to wearing masks. Patino attempted to display the photo of Dutra-Vernaci not wearing a mask in a large gathering, but the image was blurred during the Zoom conference call. “It makes me wonder if she believes in science,” Patino repeatedly said.

Days later Dutra-Vernaci told a group of residents that, in fact, Patino “was exhibiting characteristics of our president.” New Haven school boardmember Sarabjit Cheema is also the race to unseat Dutra-Vernaci, who is seeking her third and final four-year term in office.

4 thoughts on “Union City mayor posed maskless in a photo with 25 people also not wearing masks

  1. Nearly all of my neighbors in the west side of Alvarado Blvd. Neighborhood also are not wearing masks. Hell, my mail carrier and her sub do not wear masks. As a high risk household, I’m disgusted at the way our leadership is behaving. Good luck Dutra, I voted for someone else. The roads aren’t being fixed and traffic on UCB pre-pandemic was a nightmare.


  2. Unfortunately in my neighborhood the same kind of people, Indians or Indian descents ARE NOT WEARING MASKS!
    May be they feel invencible or do not care much for others but they make me very angry and upset.


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