San Leandro Police Chief Jeff Tudor announced Wednesday that he will retire, effective June 23.

Tudor has served 25 years at the police department and the past four years as police chief. He is also a San Leandro native.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be the Chief of Police in the city where I was born and raised,” Tudor said. “The City of San Leandro has provided me many opportunities for which I am truly grateful, and I am extremely proud to have worked with so many talented dedicated public servants.”

The past year, however, has seen the San Leandro Police Department fall into turmoil, including several officer-involved shootings.

The fatally shooting of Steven Taylor by San Leandro police officer Jason Fletcher inside a Walmart last April served as a tipping point. Fletcher was charged by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley for involuntary manslaughter in October. It’s the first time O’Malley had made such a charge against a police officer during her 10 years as district attorney.

The shooting, coming a month before the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police, angered residents and later galvanized calls to reform the San Leandro Police Department. The San Leandro City Council approved a direction to city staff to form a budget committee to identify the potential reorganization of funding for the police department.