2022 East Bay Candidate List

Updated: Nov. 15.

2022 June Primary

Alameda County

Board of Supervisors
District 2 (Hayward-Tri-Cities)
*Richard Valle, supervisor, Alameda County

fDistrict 3 (Oakland-San Leandro-Alameda-Unincorporated)
*Seat previously held by Supervisor Wilma Chan. **Candidates showing interest.
Dave Brown, chief of staff, Wilma Chan
Phong La, Alameda County assessor
Alice Lai-Bitker, former Alameda County supervisor
Lena Tam, former Alameda councilmember
Liz Ortega-Toro, Alameda Labor Council
Malia Vella, Alameda councilmember

District Attorney
Pamela Price, civil rights activist
Seth Steward
Terry Wiley, Alameda County assistant DA (filed May 28)
Jimmie Wilson, Alameda County prosecutor (filed Feb 16)

*Gregory Ahern, sheriff, Alameda County
Yesenia Sanchez, division commander, ACSO (filed Apr 13)
JoAnn Walker, police officer (filed Nov 2020)

*Phong La, assessor, Alameda County

*Melissa Wilk, auditor, Alameda County

Treasurer-Tax Collector
*Henry Levy, treasurer, Alameda County

Superintendent of Schools
Alysse Castro
*Karen Monroe, superintendent, Alameda County


13th District (Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Barbara Lee-D, congressmember

15th District (Hayward-Fremont-Tri Valley)
Jackie Cota-R
*Eric Swalwell-D, congressmember

17th District (Fremont-San Jose-Cupertino)
*Ro Khanna-D, congressmember

State Legislature

State Assembly
15th District (Richmond-North Oakland-Berkeley)
*Buffy Wicks-D, assemblymember

16th District (Tri-Valley)
*Rebecca Bauer-Kahan-D, assemblymember

18th Assembly (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Mia Bonta-D, assemblymember

20th District (Hayward-Tri Cities-Fremont)
Jennifer Esteen, Registered Nurse
Teresa Keng-D, Fremont councilmember
*Bill Quirk-D, assemblymember

25th District (Fremont-Milpitas-San Jose)
Kansen Chu-D, former assemblymember
*Alex Lee-D, assemblymember

State Senate
10th District (Hayward-Castro Valley-Fremont-N San Jose)
Lily Mei-D, Fremont mayor (filed Apr 14)
Paul Pimentel (filed Jan 2020)
Aisha Wahab-D, Hayward councilmember (filed May 20)
Jaime Raul Zepeda (filed Mar 21)


November 2022 Elections

*Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, councilmember, Alameda

City Council (Choose 2)
*Tony Daysog, councilmember, Alameda
*John Knox White, councilmember, Alameda

City Council (Choose 2)
*Peggy McQuaid, councilmember, Albany
*Rochelle Nason, councilmember, Albany

City Council
District 1
*Rashi Kesarwani, councilmember, Berkeley

District 4
*Kate Harrison, councilmember, Berkeley

District 7
Aidan Hill
*Rigel Robinson, councilmember, Berkeley

District 8
*Lori Droste, councilmember, Berkeley

City Auditor
*Jennifer Wong, city auditor, Berkeley

*Melissa Hernandez, mayor, Dublin

City Council (Choose 2)
*Jean Josey, councilmember, Dublin
*Shawn Kumagai, councilmember, Dublin

City Council (Choose 2)
*Scott Donahue, councilmember, Emeryville
*Dianne Martinez, mayor, Emeryville

City Council
District 2
*Rick Jones, councilmember, Fremont

District 3
*Jennifer Kassan, councilmember, Fremont

District 4
*Yang Shao, councilmember, Fremont

Mark Salinas, councilmember, Hayward

City Council (Choose 2)

*Sara Lamnin, councilmember, Hayward

*Bob Woerner, mayor, Livermore

City Council
District 1
-Newly-created district
Evan Branning

District 2
-Newly-created district

*Al Nagy, mayor, Newark

City Council (Choose 2)
*Mike Bucci, councilmember, Newark
*Michael Hannon, councilmember, Newark

Gregory Hodge
Derreck Johnson, businessman
Tyron Jordan
Treva Reid, councilmember, Oakland
Stephen Schear
Derrick Soo
Loren Taylor, councilmember, Oakland
Sheng Thao, councilmember, Oakland
Allyssa Victory Villanueva

City Council
District 2
*Nikki Fortunato Bas, councilmember, Oakland

District 4
Janani Ramachandran, attorney

District 6
Paulina Gonzalez

City Auditor
*Courtney Ruby, city auditor, Oakland

City Council (Choose 3)
*Betsy Smegal Andersen, councilmember, Piedmont

*Karla Brown, mayor, Pleasanton

City Council (Choose 2)
*Julie Testa, councilmember, Pleasanton

San Leandro
Bryan Azevedo, councilmember, San Leandro
Juan Gonzalez
Lee Thomas, fmr San Leandro councilmember

City Council
District 1
David Anderson
Celina Reynes

District 3
*Victor Aguilar, Jr., councilmember, San Leandro

District 5
*Open Seat

Union City
City Council
District 2
-Newly-created district

District 3
-Newly-created district
Jeff Wang

District 4
-Newly-created district
Scott Sakakihara

AC Transit Board of Directors
Ward 4 (San Leandro-Unincorporated ALCO-Hayward)
*Mark Williams, board director, AC Transit

Ward 5 (Hayward-Newark-Fremont)
*Diane Shaw, board director, AC Transit

*Joel Young, board director, AC Transit

BART Board of Directors
District 4 (Oakland-Alameda)
*Robert Raburn, board director, BART

District 6 (Hayward-Tri-Cities)
*Liz Ames, board director, BART

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
Area 2 (San Leandro)
*Linda Granger, trustee, CLPCCD

Area 3 (South Hayward-Union City)
*Genevieve Randolph, trustee, CLPCCD

Area 4 (Castro Valley)
Maria Heredia, appointed trustee, CLPCCD

East Bay Municipal Utilities District
Ward 2 (Walnut Creek-San Ramon)
*John Coleman, director, EBMUD

Ward 3 (Piedmont-Oakland-Orinda)
*Marguerite Young, director, EBMUD

Ward 4 (Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville)
*Andy Katz, director, EBMUD

Ward 7 (Castro Valley-San Leandro-unincorporated areas)
*Frank Mellon, director, EBMUD

East Bay Regional Park District
Ward 5 (Dublin Hills–Del Valle-Ohlone-Sunol)
*Ayn Wieskamp, board director, EBRPD

Fairview Fire Protection District (Choose 2)
*Bob Clark, member FFPD
*Michael Justice, member, FFPD

Ohlone Community College Board of Trustees
Area 1 (Choose 2)
*Elisa Martinez, trustee, Ohlone Board
*Richard Watters, trustee, Ohlone Board

Area 2-Full Term (Choose 2)
Suzanne Lee Chan, former Fremont councilmember
*Jan Giovannini-Hill, trustee, Ohlone Board

Oro Loma Sanitary District (Choose 3)
*Rita Duncan, board director, Oro Loma
*Shelia Young, board director, Oro Loma

Eden Health District (Choose 3)
*Mariellen Faria, board director, Eden Health District
*Gordon Galvan, board director, Eden Health District
*Roxann Lewis, board director, Eden Health District

Peralta Community College District Trustee
Area 3 (Laurel-Fruitvale-Maxwell Park)
*Linda Handy, trustee, Peralta Community College District

Area 5 (Rockridge-Piedmont)

*Cindi Reiss, trustee, Peralta Community College District

Washington Township Health Care District (Choose 3)
*Jacob Eapen, member, WTHCD
*Bernard Stewart, member, WTHCD
*Michael Wallace, member, WTHCD

NPP-No Party Preference
PF-Peace and Freedom Party
LP-Libertarian Party
G-Green Party

22 thoughts on “2022 East Bay Candidate List

  1. Thank you for this list. Any chance of some investigative journalism? Have declared candidates filed their required financial paperwork? Do candidates live in the jurisdiction they are running to serve?


  2. At the end of the day, if elected, none of these candidates will actually DO anything to uplift their communities. They will be in perpetual campaign and fundraising mode. None will actually shake up the status quo, especially when they become part of it


  3. Please include 18th assembly district candidate Eugene Canson’s website. He has a compelling Utube presentation, and he is a Health Care Professional. His website is Eugene CansonforCA.com


  4. I, Bob Javits is throwing my never washed baseball cap in the ring, in the race for 18th assembly district. Although I have no education, no job nor prospects, I believe that I have what it takes to clean up Sacramento


  5. I thought Lily Mei was elected to Fremont mayor barely 6 months ago? Just a stepping stone for her… disappointing….


  6. Joel Young who ran an impressive race for AD 18 Assembly seat back in 2012, should run in Special election to fill Bonta’s seat


  7. Rob,

    I can confirm that Morris is running for the mayorship. Morris, while being very dead, is sure that he can do as well. He is using as a model the Trump example of truth telling.


  8. Rumor has it that Morris the Cat has filed papers to run for Mayor of Oakland, he feels that human have failed as Mayors and that its past time that a feline take over


  9. Bitcoin billionaire JoeGotrocks, will find to run for Mayor of Hayward. He believes that he’s the people’s choice


  10. Primary 2022 is in June

    On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 4:09 PM EAST BAY CITIZEN wrote:

    > Steven Tavares posted: ” Alameda County Board of SupervisorsDistrict 2 > (Tri-Cities)*Richard Valle, supervisor, Alameda County District 3 > (Tri-Cities)*Wilma Chan, supervisor, Alameda County District Attorney*Nancy > O’Malley, district attorney, Alameda CountyPamela Pri” >


  11. Rob Bonta is rumored to run for Alameda County district attorney, if he does not get the AG nod. I think he would make an exactly choice in either position


  12. John, this is about the safest bet ever made. Short of offering to end Bona’s time, which will likely get you a trip to Pelican Bay you are safe to never have to actually pay up.


  13. Bob, you could always tune it out. There needs to be time for the Repumps to start spending money on their bund. They will have to turn over a lot of rocks to find the White Power, Neo-Nazi, Russian, North Korean, fascist, Right To Life, Blue Lives Matter, Hurray for Texas losers to run for office.


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