Khanna on Green New Deal

These are policies every American should support, every person should support who cares about the fate of our planet.—Rep. Ro Khanna Friday on Washington Journal offering support for a “Green New Deal” in Congress.

Nikki Bas(akwards)

Ready to work at 9am and someone’s in my parking spot.—New Oakland Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas ran into a buzzsaw on Oakland Twitter last week after striking a privileged tone in a Jan. 8 tweet after someone snagged her City… Read More ›

A new day in Congress

The new Congress is finally here, and @HouseDemocrats are ready to get to work #ForThePeople!-Rep. Barbara Lee, on Twitter, celebrating the first day of Democratic Party rule in the House of Representatives.

Swalwell to House minority leader

Thanks bye. We’ll take it from here.-Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeting Monday in response to comments made by incoming GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging House Democrats not to investigate President Trump. Democrats will hold a House majority starting in January.

Swalwell on impeachment

Democrats should not lead with impeachment.-—Rep. Eric Swalwell appearing Sunday on “This Week,” saying Democrats should instead focus first on health care, pocketbook issues, and rooting out corruption.

Barbara Lee and Uncle Sam

“The federal government needs to stay out of our business”-Progressive East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee, in a fundraising email on Monday, making a states’ rights argument typically used by conservatives, in reference to the Trump administration’s opposition to California’s cannabis… Read More ›