#BREAKING: Roger Stone given best shot at beating charges. A gag order.—Rep. Eric Swalwell mocking Trump associate Roger Stone on Twitter after a federal judge order him Friday to refrain from talking about his case in public. Stone once called Swalwell  a "yellow-bellied coward," among other things.
That is still the deal on the table.—Oakland Coliseum Joint Powers Authority Executive Director Scott McKibben to the San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday, describing the $7.5 million price tag offered last year for the Raiders to play the 2019 season in Oakland.
These are policies every American should support, every person should support who cares about the fate of our planet.—Rep. Ro Khanna Friday on Washington Journal offering support for a "Green New Deal" in Congress.
As far as I’m concerned, the Oakland Raiders should play in Oakland.—San Francisco Mayor London Breed on KTVU Tuesday on where the Oakland Raiders should play their home games next season. The team is interested in playing at Oracle Park (formerly AT&T Park).
I'm wiling to say no more. If they come with a [Conditional-Use Permit], I'm going to vote no.—Hayward Councilmember Al Mendall Tuesday to developers who propose housing projects during a work session on the proliferation of liquor and tobacco retailers, massage parlors and payday lenders in the city.
I'm running for president. Let's do this together.— U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, a former Alameda County prosecutor, announcing her run for president in a tweet early Monday morning.
The more we dig, the more we find...—Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter Thursday reacting to reports Michael Cohen attempted to rig CNBC and Drudge Report polling to favor the Trump campaign.
Ready to work at 9am and someone’s in my parking spot.—New Oakland Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas ran into a buzzsaw on Oakland Twitter last week after striking a privileged tone in a Jan. 8 tweet after someone snagged her City Hall parking spot. She added, "TIP: if you want your rep to work on your tax dollar, respect our space so we don’t waste our time or you’re going to get a parking ticket."
Here in Oakland, if you come to destroy the lives of our immigrants living in peace, we will resist you. If you come to spread fear and division, we will stand up to you.-Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warning President Trump during her inauguration speech Monday.
The new Congress is finally here, and @HouseDemocrats are ready to get to work #ForThePeople!-Rep. Barbara Lee, on Twitter, celebrating the first day of Democratic Party rule in the House of Representatives.
I learned that people show up at City Hall and argue for the stupidest things in the name of all good things.-Gov. Jerry Brown on his time serving as mayor of Oakland.
This is why people hate Congress.-Rep. Ro Khanna in response to Speaker Paul Ryan's decision Wednesday to block a vote on U.S. support of the Saudi-led war in Yemen.
Thanks bye. We’ll take it from here.-Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeting Monday in response to comments made by incoming GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging House Democrats not to investigate President Trump. Democrats will hold a House majority starting in January.
Very saddened about the loss of President Bush. You led by example. A nation mourns. But we are also grateful that we had you to serve and lead our country. Thank you so much. I know you are now happy to be with your beloved Barbara.—Union City Councilmember-elect Jaime Patiño, on Twitter, sending condolences following the passing of President George H.W. Bush Friday night
Oakland never got an opportunity to see all of the possibilities on the Coliseum site because we got groupies instead of leaders making decisions for us.-Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks Wednesday criticizing city leaders after the Oakland A's plan to build a new ballpark at Howard Terminal, in addition, to redeveloping the current Coliseum.
Nancy Pelosi helped us win big in the midterms; you don't fire the coach after winning the Super Bowl.-Rep. Eric Swalwell advocating Wednesday for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. Pelosi was nominated later in the day by a 203-32 vote.
January can’t come soon enough.-Rep. Barbara Lee, in response Thursday to House Republican maneuvers to upend various bills. A Democratic House majority will be sworn-in on Jan 3.
There's not a single American that wouldn't want the violence to end and let food and medicine to get to those kids who are going to face death if we do nothing.-Rep. Ro Khanna, speaking on the House floor Wednesday, before Republicans quashed a discussion about U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.
President Trump is going to learn that NO ONE is above the law, not even him.-Rep. Barbara Lee, in a tweet Wednesday, following the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session at the behest of the President.
I love me some Barack Obama!-Buffy Wicks, 15th Assembly District candidate, when asked during a forum in Berkeley on Oct. 2 about who influences her politics .
I’m starting to blush, or maybe get a lump in my throat in gratitude.—Jovanka Beckles, candidate in the 15th Assembly District, with perhaps a bit of melodrama last Thursday in a press release highlighting an endorsement from the Contra Costa County Cental Labor Council.
The governor should cease issuing permits for new oil and gas facilities and protect communities currently harmed by the oil and gas industry. -Rep. Ro Khanna calling out Gov. Jerry Brown in an op-ed Wednesday that urges him to go further in taking the lead on global climate change.
This is a form of a coup. It's not a 'bang-bang' coup. It's kind of a feckless, almost Ivy League coup. -Former East Bay Rep. Ellen Tauscher on the anonymous New York Times op-ed purporting to represent a resistance within the Trump administration.
Democrats should not lead with impeachment.-—Rep. Eric Swalwell appearing Sunday on "This Week," saying Democrats should instead focus first on health care, pocketbook issues, and rooting out corruption.
Rest in Peace, John McCain.-Assemblymember Catharine Baker, the East Bay's lone Republican legislator, on the passing Saturday of Sen. John McCain.
If we could police and incarcerate our way into safety we’d be the safest country in the world. We need to get to the gun before the bullet flies, not hold the mothers as they mourn.-Oakland mayoral candidates Cat Brooks, speaking at the Alameda County Democratic Party candidate forum Thursday night in Oakland.
We have to figure out how to get Muslims elected. It's kind of embarrassing.—Cheryl Sudduth, who is running for the West County Wastewater District board in Contra Costa County, at a Muslim candidates town hall in Fremont last Saturday lamenting about the lack of Muslim American elected officials in Bay Area government while other places like Michigan thrive.
"The federal government needs to stay out of our business"-Progressive East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee, in a fundraising email on Monday, making a states' rights argument typically used by conservatives, in reference to the Trump administration's opposition to California's cannabis laws.
Fire Mueller and we fire you.—Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeting a response Wednesday to President Trump's earlier tweet saying U.S. Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions "should" fire Robert Mueller.
I think democratic socialism will ultimately prevail in this country because it makes an enormous amount of sense. Rep. Ron Dellums quoted in an In These Times article from 1976. With the rise of Bernie Sanders and Social Democrats across the country, the statement today carries renewed meaning.