2022 East Bay Candidate List

2021 Special Election

Assembly – Updated April 12
18th District (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
James Aguilar, San Leandro USD trustee
Victor Aguilar, San Leandro councilmember
Mia Bonta, Alameda USD trustee
Janani Ramachandran, attorney
Malia Vella, Alameda councilmember

Showing Interest

Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland councilmember
Sheng Thao, Oakland councilmember

Alameda County

Board of Supervisors
District 2 (Tri-Cities)
*Richard Valle, supervisor, Alameda County

District 3 (Tri-Cities)
*Wilma Chan, supervisor, Alameda County

District Attorney
*Nancy O’Malley, district attorney, Alameda County
Pamela Price, civil rights activist
Jimmie Wilson, Alameda County prosecutor

*Gregory Ahern, sheriff, Alameda County
JoAnn Walker, police officer

*Phong La, assessor, Alameda County

*Melissa Wilk, auditor, Alameda County

Treasurer-Tax Collector
*Henry Levy, treasurer, Alameda County

Superintendent of Schools
*Karen Monroe, superintendent, Alameda County


13th District (Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Barbara Lee-D, congressmember

15th District (Hayward-Fremont-Tri Valley)
*Eric Swalwell-D, congressmember

17th District (Fremont-San Jose-Cupertino)
*Ro Khanna-D, congressmember

State Legislature

State Assembly
15th District (Richmond-North Oakland-Berkeley)
*Buffy Wicks-D, assemblymember

16th District (Tri-Valley)
*Rebecca Bauer-Kahan-D, assemblymember

18th Assembly (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
**Open seat**

20th District (Hayward-Tri Cities-Fremont)
*Bill Quirk-D, assemblymember

25th District (Fremont-Milpitas-San Jose)
*Alex Lee-D, assemblymember

State Senate
10th District (Hayward-Castro Valley-Fremont)
**Open Seat**
Paul Pimentel
Jaime Raul Zepeda

Showing Interest

Lily Mei, Fremont mayor
Raj Salwan, Fremont councilmember


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16 replies

  1. What happened here? Bob Wieckowski has joined Lou Filipovich and Ellen Corbett? What is going on?


  2. Isn’t it kind of early for this shit? The 2020 election just ended!


    • Bob, you could always tune it out. There needs to be time for the Repumps to start spending money on their bund. They will have to turn over a lot of rocks to find the White Power, Neo-Nazi, Russian, North Korean, fascist, Right To Life, Blue Lives Matter, Hurray for Texas losers to run for office.


  3. I will pay $1,000,000 to anyone who defeats Rob Bonta.


  4. The next Mayor of Oakland a Law and Order” candidate? What have you been smoking Mr. Taveras?


  5. Rob Bonta is rumored to run for Alameda County district attorney, if he does not get the AG nod. I think he would make an exactly choice in either position


  6. Rutherfraud b Hayes will be a candidate for Hayward City Council


  7. Primary 2022 is in June

    On Tue, Feb 16, 2021 at 4:09 PM EAST BAY CITIZEN wrote:

    > Steven Tavares posted: ” Alameda County Board of SupervisorsDistrict 2 > (Tri-Cities)*Richard Valle, supervisor, Alameda County District 3 > (Tri-Cities)*Wilma Chan, supervisor, Alameda County District Attorney*Nancy > O’Malley, district attorney, Alameda CountyPamela Pri” >


  8. Bitcoin billionaire JoeGotrocks, will find to run for Mayor of Hayward. He believes that he’s the people’s choice


  9. Rumor has it that Morris the Cat has filed papers to run for Mayor of Oakland, he feels that human have failed as Mayors and that its past time that a feline take over


  10. Joel Young who ran an impressive race for AD 18 Assembly seat back in 2012, should run in Special election to fill Bonta’s seat


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