I’m not a political advisor, but I play one on the Internet. That being said, I cannot fathom why the mayor or anyone on the city council has failed to take the San Leandro Hospital issue by horns. The public is craving it while there is nearly zero political risk in hammering home a rhetorical firestorm.

Many times a political issue scream for a clear juxtaposition between good guys and bad guys, yet the leadership in San Leandro seems too timid to don a white hat. Within the national political narrative of economic collapse at the hands of alleged greedy and corrupt corporations we have Sutter Health who fit nicely within in this script. How hard is it to paint Sutter as a dark entity denying health care to the poor and destitute at the same time risking the lives of the city’s elderly?

This ineptitude of leadership is one of the reasons why two members of the Alameda Board of Supervisors found little problem attacking the city council, but they may have thought twice if there was a member boldly standing up for San Leandro. Supervisors Haggerty and Miley would relent if someone portrayed them as enablers for Sutter Health.

There is simply no reason none of the city’s elected officials have stood out front on this issue. Politics is about people, but it is also about collecting power. Do none of these councilmen dream about higher office than their present position? It would hardly be a negative to be the person who fought valiantly to save our hospital, whether it was successful or not.

The people of San Leandro have voiced frustration over the council and mayor’s perceived impudence. Can they achieve any real action on their own? Possibly not, but their hard-edged rhetorical language can only help. There is not a group of people in favor of closing the hospital, therefore, little fallout would be expected.

San Leandro needs at least one of their leaders to stand in front of the cameras and voice their anger over the probably closing of San Leandro Hospital. They need to rally the city with their words replicated daily in the newspaper and online. Take a stand and , by the way, when The Citizen asks for an opinion piece on the subject, it is not just a favor, but a record of your fervent belief in making a difference.