People Splash Back; Pool to Stay Open

Amid fierce public outcry, San Leandro’s Farrelly Pool will likely entertain splish-splashy children and sunbathing parents this summer. Mayor Tony Santos said yesterday, the city will likely raised fees charged to swimmers while urging the recreational pools in the area to subsidize the roughly $70,000 shortfall between keeping the it open and shuttering it indefinitely.

After numerous email and petition drives, in addition to numerous public outcries for keeping the pool open, the city seems to have heard the voice of the people clearly despite a hemorrhaging budget. According to Santos, the cities budget staff has recommended slashing more of the budget than the city council has been willing to absorb. “Of course, we need to be held accountable to the people,” Santos said. Swimming fees currently at $2.50 for children and $3.50 for adults would increased by $1.50. The issue will likely be resolved during the next session of the city council June 1.

Categories: budget, Farrelly Park, Tony Santos

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