Lockyer to Legislature: ‘Just Stop It!

California Treasurer Bill Lockyer started his political career on the San Leandro School Board. Thursday he spoke down to the legislature like they were a bunch of fourth graders launching spit balls.

Lockyer thinks lawmakers in Sacramento are wasting time and resources with superfluous legislation for the sake of getting along with others.

“Two-thirds of the bills that come out of the assembly if they never saw the light of day–God bless it,” he said before admonishing them, “Just stop it!, Just stop it!” He called most of the bills coming out of Sacramento to be “junk.”

The former legislator, attorney general and San Leandro favorite son will discuss how to fix the state budget and legislative process Nov. 6 at the San Lorenzo Community Hall.

In the YouTube video, Lockyer is quite hard on the inability of Democrats to fix the state’s woes and downright pessimistic. If raising taxes is out of the question, Democrats will need to be more efficient in spending what they already have, he said. According to Lockyer, Republicans are more predisposed to fiscal responsibility.


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