San Leandro Rapper/Activist Appears on Sacto Program

San Leandro rapper and community activist Sara Mestas is known to the parents and schoolchildren at Corvallis Elementary as simply Mo Wiley. The budding local music talent has a new album and appeared Thursday on the Sacramento morning news program “Sacramento & Co.” to talk about her music and her role in bringing back the crossing guards program initially cut by the city of San Leandro this summer. Mestas was one of the more vocal parents who volunteered to for morning and afternoon guard duty while the city council and school district hammered out a cost-sharing deal for the school year. You can still see her working her shift on school days.

WATCH Mestas on “Sacramento & Co.” here and checkout her web site here.

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2 replies

  1. Could not tell it was for San Leandro, they said you are coming from San Francisco and she said yes. Never said it was San Leandro.


  2. Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area is the way I took it, and my grandparents have lived in San Leandro since 1951, after coming to Oakland in 1941 from New Mexico, I have called San Leandro Home for 32 years and also lived in Oakland for a decade. I am not perfect and have to think quick when it is live but anyone who googles my name will see that I am very active with my community in San Leandro as well as Oakland and the entire Bay, and if I have the means I would not just limit my activism to a city, state or country. Just Saying.


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