How the F@*% Does a Candidate Get Attention?

Salon asked its readers if New Orleans mayoral candidate James Perry’s irreverently blunt political ad was the greatest ever? It’s not anywhere close to the same league as Lyndon Johnson daisy ad, Bush the Elder’s Willie Horton spot or even Hillary Clinton’s 3 a.m. commercial, but it could be useful to two San Leandro candidates looking to catch the city’s attention.

Vice Mayor Joyce Starosciak and former School Board Trustee Stephen Cassidy both pale in name recongnition against current Mayor Tony Santos. Everybody knows Santos as a long-time councilmember and current mayor. Many have met the man through the years and that’s a problem for his competitors. Not only do residents know Santos but they can recite some part of his biography.

Perry has less than three months to introduce himself to the people of New Orleans before they vote for mayor in February. Within a 30-second spot, the little-known Perry is getting impressive attention on his $60,000 investment. It’s doubtful any Bay Area candidate would dare use bleeped out curse words in a political ad. This is the P.C. capital of the world, you know, but both candidates will eventually need to grab the city’s attention unfortunately greater than just laying out a thoughtful vision of the future.



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  1. I keep trying to join the revolution but it isn't happpening. As a former community organizer I always thought candidates could empower people.The two cardinal rules of grassroots lobby are: politicians act very differently when they know they're being watched and get the right information to the right people at the tight time.
    Seems to me that communicating with voters about pressing issues is a strategy which could both help a community and help a candidate.Sort of becoming selfless, putting the long term needs ahead of the personal campaign.Zen campaigning



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