Emanuel ‘Hasn’t Had an Honest Job in his Life’ says Stark

President Barack Obama called for the creation of more jobs, Rep. Pete Stark called the president’s chief of staff a bum. Just another day of Democrats snipping at each other.

Obama hesitated in calling his jobs bill another stimulus plan at a speech at the Brookings Institute, but added two new wrinkles to the plan that may displease members of his own party. One would be a tax credit for homeowners who remodel their homes to be more energy efficient. Critics have dubbed the proposal “cash for caulkers” and say the bill would be a boon for major home improvement corporations such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

More derisively, Democrats on Capitol Hill are unhappy with the president’s plan to offer small businesses tax credits for hiring workers. Stark, who sits on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee told Bloomberg.com, “I’d say that’s not very popular among my colleagues.” But, he was just being kind.

In an article posted on the NASDAQ web site, Stark took out his anger on Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for the inclusion of the tax credit for businesses.”That’s just Rahm Emanuel trying to be all things to all people. [He] hasn’t had an honest job in his life,” Stark said.

“My guess is that tax credits as a job creator are not something that would move out of our committee,” said Stark. Many Democrats say they prefer to spur job growth through investments in infrastructure.

Undoubtedly, the former Congressman from Illinois and architect of the new Democrat majority, is one of Washington’s most notorious trash-talkers. The president once said Emanuel rarely forgets to pepper a sentence with an F-bomb. In response to Stark, I’m sure Emanuel conjugated the F-word in every way possible.


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2 thoughts on “Emanuel ‘Hasn’t Had an Honest Job in his Life’ says Stark

  1. Emmanuel is hated by both the left and the right. After he helped Clinton beat Bush by raising tons of money for him, they tried to fire him. Clinton would only take him back if he would head up the NAFTA campaign. Talk about doing your dirty work. As a big donor fundraisier he's always thinking of reasons why he should like fat cats. He also probably believes Jewish fat cats should be giving money to Democrats instead of Republicans.
    I worked with him briefly in Chicago for IPAC Illinois Public Action Council , an organization run by Robert Creamer , husband of Congressperson Jan Shakowsky. Also , he cut off his middle finger in high school, working at Arbby's Roast Beef on a slicking machine. He's a complex dude.Great that he helped Clinton and and played a major role and winning back congress for the Dems. His brother is Ari in Entorage, in real life an agent for Michael Moore and others.



  2. As if the President wants tax cuts for small business. He knows that if he gets it to committee, it will just die there. A smart attempt, but DOA. The president should give Congress and the American people a little more credit; we're (don't include all of Congress) smarter than that.

    F'in-A right!


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