Lawyer to Sawhney: You’re Foolish

Eden Township Healthcare Director Dr. Vin Sawhney shocked many Wednesday night when he called for the dismissal of the District’s legal counsel Craig Cannizzo saying he had “no confidence in him.” Going back to the summer, many supporters of saving San Leandro Hospital and loud voices from the California Nurses Association have directed harsh words towards the long-time District lawyer. Earlier in the meeting, San Leandro City Councilman Jim Prola also called for Cannizzo’s termination. Here is a transcript of Cannizzo’s entire statement to the board, but directed at Sawhney:

I need to comment since the comments are all directed in my direction and it assumes a level of transition and cooperation which may or may not, depending upon the motion, actually occur. Let me explain: first of all, that I am shocked that such a spontaneous accusation of bias and a lack of confidence never mentioned in any other forum or any communication whatsoever would be the basis of a motion, this is the very kind of serendipitous, reckless kind of behavior that I would not expect of this board. Having said that, I do not know what the bias is or the lack of credibility you are referring because you’ve never discussed it. Furthermore, if there is an assumption that we will amiably transition a representation of this District over a period of time is a falsehood. It seems to be a predicate of the motion and will not necessarily occur that way and, in fact, if the motion were to pass it would very likely would mean we would withdraw from representation of this District effective immediately, so you need to keep that under consideration and that’s why I brought it to your attention. It’s an essential predicate of your motion that there would be a transition. Given the ambush that has been staged here–unsupported, undocumented, uncommented upon in any setting–I’m just staggered that you would expect, under that kind of betrayal, to cooperate and make things gentle. That is a foolish assumption on your part, although you seem to make a number of foolish assumptions.