Native Son Returns to Oppose Hayashi

The Citizen 

This is the Assembly’s 18th District, not Philadelphia, but former Hollywood agent Nicholas Terry thinks he can be Rocky and unseat two-term assemblywoman Mary Hayashi on his own turf

Unseating Hayashi and her war chest of over $350,000 will prove daunting for the current member of the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission and Hayward Citizens’ Advisory Committee, but Terry says he vows to run his campaign at the grassroots level.

Through Terry’s initial campaign literature, he hopes to highlight his ties to both Castro Valley and Hayward as a main talking point for winning Hayashi’s seat. A photo on his campaign web site even features a teenage Terry in a grip-and-grin with Bill Lockyer. “People often ask, who is she?” Terry said in a statement announcing his candidacy last week. “I’ve been here for 30 years, I know these people.”

The statement alludes to a common critique of those who say Hayashi is a “carpetbagger” or someone who moved to the area for political gain. Hayashi, though, is also known for playing brass-knuckled politics–something Terry is well aware. He says he is willing to dish out his own rhetoric and believes there is no more gritty occupation than Hollywood. “Has she rallied and screamed from the top of her lungs for reform for a state that says goodbye to so many businesses and residents each year?” said Terry. “If the district is angry, shouldn’t their representatives?”

Terry spent the last five years in talent management working with such stars as Lawrence Fishburn, Andy Garcia, Dennis Franz, George Lopez, Stellan Skarsgard and Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman. Terry, who calls Hollywood more ruthless than politics, also represented the ubiquitous Mr. T.

Running as an Independent, Terry’s platform includes a mishmash of liberal (concern for the environment and increased funding for education) and conservatives causes (increased control of the border and smaller government). “It needs to be no longer about which party is wrong or right; the party’s of changing, it’s about character, sincerity and intentions.”

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