LiveTweeting from Hayward City Council

  1. HPOA President says a city official did not urge police union to speakout; says they acted alone.

  2. After motion fails, ending discussion, Mayor Sweeney oddly invites police chief to speak on subject.
  3. Quirk gave an empassioned plea to have city look at possibility.
  4. Motion to direct staff to explore medical marijuana by Councilman Bill Quirk fails to get a second–fails.
  5. In addition to whispers heard here, The Citizen obtained earlier today an email from councilmember also making such an assertion.
  6. There are rumors here a city official urged police union to speak out against medical marijuana.
  7. Police officer: “drugs masquerading as medicine.”
  8. Police officers appear to be cherry-picking previous crimes or alleged crimes in Hayward med. marijuana facilities.
  9. Ciry Union makes rare stance against policy issue. Hayward Police Officers Assoc Pres. Speaks out against medical marijuana dispensaries.
  10. Councilman Olden Henson just called Hayward, “an industrial giant.” ????? As opposed to what? Castro Valley?
  11. San Leandro councilmembers NEVER leave the dais during meetings. In Hayward, they cut out all the time!
  12. County assessor says Hayward property assessment has dropped 9% or $1.3 billion.
  13. Hayward in the red this year an additional $2.3 million says city staff primarily from loss of sales tax. Reserves to drop $1.1M to $18.1M.
  14. Council approves motion 5-2 to ask city staff to work out kinks with Waste Mgmt over notification of prop owners over delq garbage bills.
  15. Garbage bill ordinance discussion has turned into WM’s billing and communication with proprty owners.
  16. Waste Management has become a villain to many property owners in chambers tonight. WM rep is here. owners ready to pull out knives.
  17. Councilman Francisco Zermeño is curiously beginning to look like Sherman Helmsley (George Jefferson).
  18. Councilman Bill Quirk is probably a bad poker player. He is very expressive during hearings, which for me, is great!
  19. About people claiming to pay on time: working in bank, whenever customer says they never bounce checks, a search would show they bounced 12.
  20. Nobody has cited a bad economy for renters not paying garbage bill or any other bill. Report acknowledges this fact.
  21. Garbage bill ordinance ?: Do property owners assume risks like tenants not paying garbage bill or not?
  22. When someone says they’ve paid their garbage bill on time for 18 years, I think, you probably didn’t.
  23. Public speaker on ordinance to collect delq. garbage bills from owners: “people only rent because they have bad credit.”
  24. Cameraman from KRON covering themeeting. 5 HPD officer ominously standing against back wall of chambers. Plenty of seats available, boys!
  25. Police Officers Association is believed to state objection to dispensaries in the city for the first time tonight.
  26. City attorney also finds city does not have to offer notice or public hearing on subject before enacting prohibition.
  27. Report: med. marijuana dispensaries “could result in increase of crminal activity disproportionately taxing the city’s public resources.”
  28. Hayward agrees with basis of Prop 215, med. marijuana use for “seriously ill patients”
  29. The stance set by the Hayward city mgr and attorney appears to draw a hard line against med. marijuana dispensaries.
  30. Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney struggling with a very gravely voice tonight.
  31. Beautiful facility in Hayward, but is a detailed checklist of how to clean your hands necessary? Fav: No. 2 rub palms together.
  32. LiveTweeting at Hayward City Council. About 2/3 full.