Will She or Won’t She?

Corbett Has Until Mar. 12 to Throw East Bay Politics in Disarray | It’s Not Raining Men in Corbett’s Office | Cherry Festival Canceled, Nooo! | There’s a Pill for That
As far as stakeouts go, slogging through a two-hour panel discussion on higher education with Ellen Corbett and Loni Hancock was hardly investigative journalism. I did attempt to look like a college student, though, dined on some Panda Express and climbed Cal State East Bay’s insane ruins of steep stairs. I was there to confront Corbett over rumors that continue to rise from sweet-nothings into eardrum-piercing shouts that she is leaning toward a run for supervisor. Will she or won’t she?  To find the  answer I had to weave around multiple staff members as the senator left the university commons (Just a side note: why does Corbett have just a single male staffer and why is he the photographer?). A windy drizzle started to fall as Corbett and her staff negotiated the stairs to her car. I saddled up to Corbett and asked if  she told a local councilmember she was “seriously” contemplating a run at supervisor. Corbett, normally kind and genial, seized up, lowered her head and hissed, “no comment.” The odd demeanor of the senator and the appearance of us walking down steep stairs, would make you think we were walking out of a federal grand jury investigation (presumably about her lone male staff who gets paid tax dollars to post  photos of the senator’s events on Facebook) rather than asking a simple question about her political future. Assuredly, it was hardly a “gotcha” inquiry. Afterwards, Corbett called to apologize, but there was nothing to be sorry for, it’s just politics and speculation whether she will run for a second-term in the state senate or to replace Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker will be known by Mar. 12, at the latest.

‘IT’S TOUGH TO BE A STUDENT’ BITCH SESSION The disastrous shape of the state university system is beyond comprehension and its problems are only exasperated by the current budget crunch. Corbett, Hancock and a panel of local students from around the Bay Area discussed the matter Tuesday night at Cal State East Bay. The discussion was preceded by a painfully boring webcast by Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, which is basically attempting to fix a problem by asking the person who caused the problem to find a solution. It is always Sacramento’s fault, according to legislators who, themselves” are Sacramento. Both Corbett and Hancock lobbied for a change to California’s cumbersome two-thirds rule to pass a budget or raise taxes. As for the issues hampering students these days, I can vouch for their consternation. It was less than two years ago, that I sat waiting for months to receive my financial aid check from the CSUEB Finance Aid Office. It wasn’t their problem. There were only four employees covering over 10,000 requests. This was before the most “severe” of the governor’s budget cuts to CSU system came down. I was nearly in the ninth of thirteen weeks of  instruction when I finally received aid and many feel lucky they can even acquire aid of any kind these days. When you’re a college student, struggling along with Top Ramen and Diet Coke in your belly, it’s hard enough working part-time and carrying a full load of courses without worrying about your bank account, too.


REMEMBER WHEN I SAID ‘SHE’LL CUT YOU’? There is no truth to the rumor Nicholas Terry, the former assembly candidate for the 18th district, took the advice of his former client Mr. T and abruptly dropped his challenge to Assemlywoman Mary Hayashi. “Don’t be foo’, Mary ain’t cool!” Terry had built a short-term cache of visibility in the local media with his rough-edged comments criticizing Hayashi for being in the pockets of lobbyists along with his former career as a Hollywood agent, but the Castro Valley native who said he was ready to tirelessly campaign at the grassroots-level ended his run before it even got started. A source told The Citizen, Hayashi’s Distirct Director Chris Parman said they learned Terry had registered as an American Independent and the assemblywoman planned to hit the candidate hard with the information. Terry, whose short campaign eschewed the two-party system said the registration snafu was a mistake says the Secretary of State’s office said could not be remedied before November. The American Independent Party is not the same as being an “independent” candidate and features staunchly far-right policy positions against abortion and gay marriage. Terry said he is pro-choice and supports gay marriage, but the mistake and the likelihood Hayashi would hammer him on the issue apparently proved too much, which he alluded to by charging her with “dirty politics” in his farewell.


WHERE WILL I GET A PLASTIC FIREMEN HAT? Through San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos‘ crisp 30-minute State of the City last week, there were a few light chuckles, but it was notable that the only audible sound during the whole speech, was a loud gasp from a woman in the front row. Was it the $7.3 million deficit? News 30 more city employees could be laid-off this July? No. The freightening sucking of air was for the cancellation of the San Leandro Cherry Festival this year. Vice Mayor Joyce Starosicak said the city knew last year, after the 100th anniversary of the festival, there would not be a 101st in the near future because of a worsening city budget. My favorite memory from last year’s festival was a teenage boy, who was performing a dance routine, suddenly fell off the stage, landed on his feet, ran back on stage and continued dancing. Now, that should be a metaphor for the city, except without a medley of Shakira songs in the background.


DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER Here’s another odd situation with San Leandro School Board President Mike Katz and his apparent split personality. In a post last week, Katz reported Alameda County supervisor candidate Wilma Chan and Nicholas Terry were some of the dignitaries at Monday’s State of the City. He did not “report”, however, others gathering at City Hall, including two previous city managers…..and School Board President Mike Katz, himself. Mayoral candidate Stephen Cassidy was not in attendance, but Katz, also on the committee to elect Cassidy for Mayor, videotaped the entire speech for him. It is still unclear whether Katz the Politician is a different person than Katz the Journalist, but I can report the guy last Monday night has a far more luxurious coif than the one at school board meetings. Hello Paul Mitchell! – S.T.

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  1. Thanks for the Support, East Bay Citizen. Mary Hayashi is a classless politician and I am above raising money from hard working, decent folks, to fight any kind of pathetic special interest servant.

    I recognize you have to play politics, but Hayashi makes it increasingly difficult for regular Joe’s or Jane’s to run an honest and well-mannered campaign. There’s no way we could raise her kind of money, especially since we pledged to only accept money from voters, let alone keep up with all the spin she’ll create.

    A letter I sent to her was an introduction and a pledge to wage an honest and decent campaign; it’s unfortunate that she couldn’t write or call me back to even acknowledge it. I sure do miss the idea of debating her in public; even though she’d probably deny such an opportunity. People should know who their representatives are, they should be able to hear them, talk to them, and ask questions. I hope Mrs. Hayashi gets out this year…because I’ve yet to meet a regular Joe that knows her, or like her. She accepted big money from Anthem…folks should DISPISE her for that!

    My only hope is that folks either vote for another candidate or do not vote for her at all; a total referendum and voter revolt. If you look at the 80 members of the Assembly, few deserve to return, sadly, the 18th District has a whore that will pay her way with blood money to gain political experience and exposure.

    Look out Stark, Mary’s got your seat in her horizons…even if she doesn’t live in your district.

    (Bitter? No. I am pessimistic and upset that we continue to believe the same old B.S.)

    I wouldn't be surprised either if Hayashi goes after Corbett's seat now; she'll have two years to be forgetten if she serves another Assembly term.


  2. My apologies, for using the word whore. That is classless. Insert “representative” in place of it.


  3. Nick,

    I'm very disappointed you went out like this. It must be pointed out that, to the end, you've conducted a hostile campaign which lacked integrity or proper facts.

    Given your corrosive rhetoric and lack of policy knowledge, I'm glad your campaign ended so early that your desired debate never took place. It would have shed no light at all.

    I'll repeat a question I've asked of you often: you claim Mary does not represent the wishes of the majority of our District. If that was an informed opinion, you'd be able to name ONE vote she has taken which you would challenge as unrepresentative of the 18th AD.

    You would also have the guts to name the State programs you would eviscerate or eliminate to execute your view that “the State spends too much”, and provide evidence that these actions would gain greater support from District citizens.

    Best of luck in the future.


  4. Doug-

    I wrote a lengthy response, but you don't deserve it. I'll save my choice words of your boring messages for myself.

    Continue living in your progressive utopia, thinking we can afford to spend more money than we earn in revenue; thinking we can hand over every new job to a union worker at union wages; thinking that it’s ok to pay high six figure incomes.

    Maybe you should run some day; you still know every single voter in the district and their concerns and needs.

    And to think, all I needed to do was be a Democrat in order for you to like me. Damn!


    (PS. Mary Hayashi voted to allow Dry Cleaners considered “consumers” so certain items wouldn't be taxed. SHE has and does collect money from that industry.)

    (PSS. I've yet to meet one Democrat that likes her. This includes elected Democrats.)

    Get some rest Doug…writing to me at midnight's not worth it.


  5. Another anti-union jab. Have you studied history? Do you know what working conditions in the US were prior to the Union movement of the 1930's.

    By the way the knock on Hayashi is that she is a carpetbagger, didnt live in the district prior to running.


  6. Nick,

    I posted this on your website on February 17, 2010. You never responded. That you have chosen to leave so quickly and without much class is truly a tragedy. I had hoped that you had more to offer than the mindless invective without much substance. Just hate. There is no real place for that. The citizens deserve a little more substance than what you have shown. Please see my original unreplied post.


    I am a 30 year resident of Hayward: 10 years in South Hayward and 20 years in Cherryland. I own my own home here in Cherryland.

    Where do you stand on the following issues?

    Budget. You could use as an example the City of Hayward which is forecasting a nearly one million dollar shortfall for 2010. Tell me what you support.

    Fiscal Responsibility. Please distinguish yourself from the budget answer. Here are some helps, perhaps: Abandonment by the state and pass back to the community expense, Pay As You Go, No New Taxes, Plan For The Future as examples. Just pick one or more and tell us what you think.

    Jobs. Differentiate yourself from the Republicans and the Democrats. Do you want to open shops, rewrite diversity, encourage lower wages for more workers and open up the playing field for all players?

    Health Care. Do you support Universal Health Care, the status quo or something different? If you are looking for positions, your position on excessive hospital space, emergency care for the indigent, abortion, helmet laws and homeless solutions.

    Crime. Use Hayward, San Leandro and San Lorenzo as examples. What do you see as the key elements that need to be enhanced or corrected? Do you have a position on Gangs, Tasers, Grafitti, Community Policing, increased Police.

    Education. Do you believe in enhancing the future, working with what we have, or cutting back to where we need to be?

    Growth. Keeping in mind the above positions, what do you propose? Increasing sales tax revenue, easing of codes, inspection and regulation? Please distinguish yourself from Mary, the Republicans and the Tea Party folks.


  7. ME-Nicholas Terry is out of the race.
    Which is too bad…..I had a question for Nicholas..how do you feel about adultry? Do you think legislators should be sleeping around the capitol while their spouses are hard at work at home? We need to clean up the assembly and what a great place to start.


  8. Ross,

    I agree that it is destructive to the public trust when legislators who vote to deny equal rights to all Californians regardless of sexual orientation, and base those votes on “family values” and “standing up for traditional marriage”, sleep around the capitol.

    Recent cases of this awful hypocrisy include Republican Mike Duvall, who was caught on tape bragging about his affairs with female lobbyists, and Republican Roy Ashburn, who was arrested for driving drunk at 2 am with a male passenger after reportedly leaving from a gay nightclub.

    Ross, what are your views on the State budget? That's the most important part of the Legislature to “clean up”.


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