Services from Every Department on the Chopping Block

A month ago, with an ominous black cat strolling around the conference room, the city announced a $7.3 million budget shortfall. Monday, Interim Finance Director Perry Carter detailed a proposal to the city’s finance committee that would cut up to 64 full-time equivalent positions along with steep reductions in every department. Despite the proposed cuts, which will be presented to the city council Mar. 22, the budget is still $1.4 million in the red. Below is a brief rundown of some of the proposed programs and services on the chopping block.

CITY MANAGER (Reduction of 1 full-time equivalent FTE)

  • Less city council travel, training and miscellaneous items.
  • Reduces city manager’s contingency fund by 50 percent.
  • Eliminates web design consulting.


  • Suspend Climate Action Plan
  • Suspend most long-range planing and land use
  • Reduce Permit Center hours by 50 percent.
  • Reduce capacity for business retention and attraction efforts.


  • Reduced response to traffic and parking issues
  • Longer time for traffic safety issue analysis
  • Eliminate additional street lighting request services

FINANCE (Reduciton of 2.4 FTEs)

  • Slowed response time to staff requests.
  • Limited education for staff
  • Cost Allocation Study delayed additional year

FIRE (No reduction. City uses service contract)

  • Half-year reduction for use of ladder truck saving $770,000
  • Sharing of deputy fire marshal with a neighboring city saving $110,000

HUMAN RESOURCES (Reduction of 2 FTEs)

  • Elimination of two management positions
  • Decreased consulting fees
  • Elimination of LEAP training program
  • Delay in filing vacant position to up to six months
  • Delay in additional safety training programs

LIBRARY (Reduction of 7.5 FTEs)

  • Reduced hours at Main and Manor branches
  • Closure of San Leandro History Museum/Art Gallery
  • Elimination of community programs, excluding Summer Reading Program.
  • Fewer new titles purchased; longer wait periods for materials
  • Elimination of security during morning hours at Main Library
  • Elimination of historic microfilm subscription for Daily Review

POLICE (Reduction of 10.5 FTEs; 5 sworn officers, 1 management, 4.5 non-sworn)

  • Traffic enforcement reductions of one motorcycle officer, first responder
  • Property crime delays by 25 percent
  • School Resource Officer for middle school eliminated
  • One lieutenant position left vacant/frozen

PUBLIC WORKS (Reduction of 7.5 FTEs)

  • Delays in service for routine maintenance/repair of street lights and traffic signals
  • Pavement maintenance limited to pothole repair and minor repairs
  • Delays for street tree services and elimination of free tree planting
  • Reduced median maintenance and weed abatement


  • Elimination of recreational adult sports program
  • Family Aquatics Center swimming hours cut by one-fourth
  • Closure of Boys and Girls Club pool along with Farrelly Pool
  • Teen program eliminated
  • Eliminate all community events, new decorations and tree lighting
  • Eliminate park rangers

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    1. Great job Tony Santos! Just think, if you hadn't chased all those businesses away; and worked to injure the public schools, there'd be more property taxes from businesses and property values wouldn't decline.


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