Rocky Roads

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  1. Steven,

    This is important information. I also attended the city council workshop on the conditions of San Leandro's roads. This fiscal year the city is spending nothing from the general fund on road maintenance.

    Only about $2 million is being spent – from various special funds with the bulk coming from the county tax, Measure B.

    This is going to have serious consequences for the city in the future. We would have to be spending $7 million a year to maintain the roads in their current poor state. Spending just $2 million a year ensures that their condition will deteriorate further and that the ultimate bill to restore them to proper condition will escalate to far about $100 million, diverting funds from vital programs and services.

    What solution to this issue is being offered by the mayor and city council? The answer is none.



  2. What's your solution? In times of fiscal crisis things have to be prioritied and since police and fire take up about 60% of the budget what do you want to cut to fix roads? Police or fire?

    Or do you want to cut even more library hours or close parks?

    Easy to pop off at the city council especially when you don't mention where the money should come from.


  3. Perhaps I missed it, when did Tony Santos register under the name “Anonymous”?


  4. Anonymous, otherwise known as Tony Santos, says “In times of fiscal crisis things have to be prioritied and since police and fire take up about 60% of the budget what do you want to cut to fix roads? Police or fire?”

    The mayor refuses to accept any responsibility for approving budgets that led to police and fire services consuming so much of the budget. He and the vice mayor have done nothing to reverse this trend. Equally significant, the city has been underinvesting in the roads for most of the past decade. This is not a problem that arose in 2009.

    One will never find the “buck stops here” on our current mayor's desk.



  5. I dont think the mayor reads this site so I doubt anonymous is him, I believe he would put his name to his comments.


  6. I would ask how did Stephen Cassidy do with school board budgets. Seems the schools are in worst shape than the city.


  7. Lets face it, our city is a mess, faulty leadership and poor planning for many years.


  8. I guess every city and county in California has faulty leadership than, since almost 100% of them are going through the same issues as San Leandro.

    It is tough to plan when the State can come in willy nilly and take back funds you were using in your budgets


  9. Umm, what does it say about our roads – worse than Bay Area average and worse than State average. Seems we could do better.


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